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The game of basketball is a very skill oriented sport. You can be born freakishly athletic like the ability to jump high or to run fast.

But if you don’t have the skill to back those talents, you will never be able to showcase those talents in real games. The only time you will be able to show them off is during warm-ups and practice.

That is why learning the fundamentals of basketball is so important especially for the youth because they are the future of the sport.

But with all these fake basketball trainers teaching these kids moves and shots that will never work in the real game, it is only hurting the kid as a player and killing their confidence.

That is why I am writing this article on Youth Basketball Training Programs to help basketball players of all ages and skill levels to get the right workouts and drills that they need to be successful on the basketball court and stay away from fake trainers that just want to take their money.

Let’s get right into it.

The Best Basketball Training Program For ALL Ages and Skill Levels

Back in the day if and you needed a trainer to help you get better at basketball, you would have to find a good one first and workout on their schedule and at they gym.

But now with the advancement of technology, you can receive high-quality basketball training online from REAL trainers without going through the hassle of paying hundreds of dollars to work with a trainer that is making no improvements in your skill-level.

The program you need and want is The Scoring Academy. It is the top-rated online basketball training program and was created by former professional basketball player, Auggie Johnson.

This is great because you should want a trainer that has played at the highest levels of the game because they know what it takes to get there and can show you how to get there too.

The Scoring Academy is loaded with drills and workouts that all players of different skill levels and ages can use to better their game.

Whether that be shooting, handling the basketball, scoring off the dribble, etc… The program has the workouts and drills you need so that you can be a prolific scorer in basketball games.

Auggie provides step-by-step instructional videos on how to do all the drills within the workout so you won’t have to worry about if you are doing it wrong. You can replay them over and over again till you have a complete understanding on what you need to do.

The Scoring Academy comes with 6 training programs PLUS 2 more as bonus content when you sign up:

     Bonus: The Youth Program

Bonus: The In-Season Program

  1. The Freshman Program
  2. The Sophomore Program
  3. The Junior Program
  4. The Senior Program
  5. The Overseas Program
  6. The NBA Program

This is super helpful because all basketball players are different. Some are more skilled than others.

So if you are a basketball player and you feel like you are experienced at the game, you would start at one of the more advanced programs like the Senior or Junior Program.

On the other hand, if you a beginner to the game you would start at the Youth or Freshman Program to master the fundamentals first before moving onto the next program.

Once you work your way up to the advanced programs, you can keep doing the workouts over and over and they will continue to improve your basketball skills and scoring instincts.

These programs are essential because they focus on your development as a player and the progress you made over the course of your basketball career.

The best part about The Scoring Academy is that it is completely DIGITAL. This means that you have instant access to the programs on your phone, computer, tablet, etc… And you can take them anywhere you go.

No more driving across town to workout with a trainer or only being able to workout when your trainer feels like it.

All you have to do is go to your nearest gym or park, pull up the workout for that day on your phone, and get to working. That simple.

If you are a basketball player and you are serious about improving your skills, it is a complete no-brainer to invest The Scoring Academy.

When you become the leading scorer on your team, make the varsity basketball roster, earn that full-ride scholarship, or even become a professional player, that investment you made will be all worth it.

How Can The Scoring Academy Work For You?

Become A Sharp-Shooter

The Scoring Academy turns non-shooters into lights-out shooters by working on your shooting form and making sure that you know the proper way to shoot a basketball.

Once you have learned those aspects, it becomes ingrained into you with all the repetitions you get when completing the daily workouts and drills.

So when you get in the real game, shooting the basketball with accuracy will be AUTOMATIC to you.

You will see the ball go in the hoop more which will boost your shooting percentage and increase your overall confidence in yourself.

Ball-On-A-String Handle

Being able to handle the basketball under pressure and with your weak hand are common problems players face, especially the youth. The Scoring Academy utilizes drills that simulates pressure situations that you will face in games and drills that solely focus on developing your weak hand.

They drills are high-intensity, makes you pound the ball hard into the floor, and meant to tire out your arms so that no matter how hard the defense pressures you or even send a double team your way in real games, you will always be able to dribble your way out and make the right play for your team.

Become A Prolific Scorer

Nobody likes playing with a ball hog, but everyone wants to play with a prolific scorer.

The difference between a ball hog and a prolific scorer is that a ball hog can score 30 points in a game, but it took them 30 shots to get those points.

On the other hand, a prolific scorer can score 30 points in a game, but they only took 15 shots. That is scoring efficiently.

The Scoring Academy teaches you how to read the defense that is guarding you and the move that you should make to get the bucket whether it be a layup or a jump-shot. This will skyrocket your stats and you will be a threat to score every time you got the ball in your hands.

Increase Your Basketball IQ


Basketball IQ is being able to make the right basketball play at the right time whether that be on offense or defense.

Great basketball players like Chris Paul and Lebron James have high basketball IQ’s. They know how to set they teammate up for the open shot, create a shot for themselves, or play the passing lanes on defense. It is like they see the play before it even happens.

The Scoring Academy uses game situational drills like pick and roll, attacking the rim, driving and passing to the open teammate, and many more to increase your basketball IQ so you can instinctively make the right basketball play when you encounter that situation in the game.

The Bottom Line

You find better Youth Basketball Training Programs than The Scoring Academy.

It is the best program for all basketball players from amateur to professionals to master the fundamentals of the game and become better basketball players.

Now, the results won’t come easy and you shouldn’t expect them to.

The best basketball players in the world were once beginners and they put in countless hours in the gym working on their skills to get where they are now. So if the best basketball players in the world can put in the work, you can do it too.

Getting the skill work from The Scoring Academy will make you a dominant basketball player alone, but if you had the athleticism to go along with the skill level, you would be unstoppable. Click the link below to check out my article on the best vertical jump training workout to boost your vertical anywhere from 10 to 15 inches.

Link–> “How To Get Hops For Basketball – Increase Your Vertical By 10 Inches

I hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to share it with a friend or on your social media accounts so they can benefit too. If you have any questions or want to share some of your own experience, please leave a comment below. Love to hear.


16 thoughts on “Youth Basketball Training Programs | From Amateur To Future Pro

  1. Hi there,

    My younger brother just hit the growth spurt and was looking into basketball. This looks like a really great idea to start him with. Do you think there are any dangers especially injury wise we should be careful about? Just so he can keep it in check. Otherwise I really like that it is fully digital so him as a teenager will fully use that haha.

    1. Your younger brother should be just fine if he is playing the right way. It is so covenant because the new generation is always on there phone.   

  2. Hey David,

    Omg how I wish I could have gotten the opportunity to learn Basketball online! Kids nowadays got it so darn easy with access to a lot of great info, I’m actually envious.

    I used to get bullied at school all the way until college because whenever we have Basketball, I can’t really play well because nobody taught me. I was shy and I didn’t ask until one day, I got fed up and used all my savings to secretly learn basketball from the neighborhood sports club.

    It was great of course, but it costed $200 a month and I joined for 3 months plus I only learned when I’m there and I didn’t have access to books or anything to learn while I was at home. If I had access to the Scoring Academy back then, I would have saved myself a lot of money and used it for better things. What I wouldn’t do to turn back time! I Highly recommend basketball enthusiasts to check it out.

    1. Yeah the times has changed man and for the better. Get professional basketball training without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg.

  3. Hello David,

    I must say this is a very helpful post for me because the other day I was talking with my son about his favorite sport and he said it was basketball. I really want him to get good training and do very well. I believe it is important to start early. I really appreciate this post. You have outlined the programs well and I realized how easy it can be to get good training without breaking the bank. 


  4. Great! I like the fact that with the changes in technology, it’s a lot easier to get access to basketball training. I can understand that with commuting costs and prices of basketball lessons it does add up. This seems to be a very cost effective way of training. 

    My nephew is looking to get into basketball, from what age could he start this program?

    Many thanks

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write about The Scoring Academy. You’re so accurate when you said that naturally gifted athletes will not be successful at basketball without the skills to back it up. 

    The Scoring Academy program seems like a comprehensive training program for all stages of skill development. It seems so convenient that it is all online. I remember when I was a student athlete that i would need to drive over an hour to receive high level training, but now it’s possible online. 

    Thanks again David. 



  6. Great site!  Anything to help kids get ahead in sports has my thumbs up!  As a father of a son who now plays college baseball, I understand 110% the importance of anything that’ll give them an “edge”.  If they have a passion for the sport, and a desire to go to the next level, just getting tips and practice from the school coaches WILL NOT GET THEM THERE!  They need tools like this to help them.  THANK YOU for the site!

  7. it’s very ironic that I should run into this at 2 am while doing some random searching on Google because I can’t sleep.  My grandson who is almost 8 absolutely loves basketball and is always wanting to get better.

    Just yesterday he was asking me about basketball lessons. 

    Thank you for this article that is what I absolutely think I need.


  8. Basketball is such an amazing, energy and fun filled sport that requires lots of skills to do well and the only way one could actually develop these skills in the proper way is to take some tested and proven courses that teach everything. The internet and technology has made it easy to access these Trainings from anywhere in the world. Thank you for sharing the best basketball training program for all ages and skill levels.

    I love Scoring Academy.

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