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In ground basketball hoops are permanent and require an cement installations. Now you may have doubts about that, but the numerous benefits they posses will silent those doubts.

Due to it’s permanent installation, in ground basketball hoops are more stable and reliable then portable hoops for various types of weather conditions and it’s perfect for intense pick-up games and basketball training. They take up small amount of space, and adds more beauty and fun to your yard.

You won’t need to go to your local gym where it’s always packed just to play pick-up games or workout, you can do it right in the comfort of your home. The best part is that it’s available to you 24/7, whenever you feel like hooping.

We’ll do an in-depth review on the top 5 best in ground basketball hoops out today. Making that much easier for you to choose anhoop that is best suitable for you and your needs.


Top 5 In Ground Basketball Hoops For Home

Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

Stability: 4.5 Out Of 5.0

Durability: 4.7 Out Of 5.0

Assembly: 4.7 Out Of 5.0

Bonuses: 5 Year Warranty

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Overall: 4.7 Out Of 5.0








The Good 

  • In ground basketball hoop that delivers actual gymnasium feel
  • Anchor mounting uses bolts which makes for an easy installation and movable.
  • Tempered Glass and break away rims for awesome dunks and aggressive play

The Bad

  • Shaky. The hoop shakes after the ball hits the backboard on a hard shot and still be shaking afterwards for a moment


The Sliverback features a tempered glass and break away rim to give that in-game feeling while your playing. It has an anchor bolting mounting system which allows you to move the goal to wherever you like or if you move homes, which is why it’s recommended by many.

The height of the hoop is easily adjusted between 7.5 and 10 feet with using a crank. Put an end to wearing your arm out trying to move the goal up and down. The backboard comes with a pad on the bottom of it to provide protection during lay-ups and powerful dunks.

The Sliverback includes an 5-year warranty if ever damaged or broken, now that’s a deal you can’t pass up on.



Lifetime 71525 In Ground Basketball System

Stability: 3.9 Out Of 5.0

Durability: 4.2 Out Of 5.0

Assembly: 4.8 Out Of 5.0

Bonuses: 5 Year Warranty

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Overall: 4.3 Out Of 5.0
















The Good

  • Installation is an easy process, comes with all the tools you need
  • Going from 7.5 to 10 feet is an easy process due to the Power Lift Height Adjustment
  • Most Affordable out of the other top rated goals

The Bad 

  • Becomes very wobbly after a long period of time
  • Backboard very flimsy, takes the real-game feel away


Put an end to broken backboards. The Lifetime 71525 features an 54 inch steel-framed shatterproof backboard, this makes it very durable through various weather conditions. So it doesn’t matter if you live in the hot or the cold, its going to last through whatever.

The Power Lift Height Adjustment makes it easy to go from 7.5 to 10 feet in just a matter of seconds. It also includes an Slam-It Pro rim with an all-weather nylon net for the players who likes to get in the air and throw it down. No more using a broomstick, crank, or stick to get the hoop to the desired level.

The steel pole has an diameter of 3.5 inches which it’s made for intense play and stay solid for years to come. So you’ll be able to hone your skills and your jumpshot right in your backyard.

Lifetime 71525 comes with an 5 year warranty if ever damaged or broken which is just another added plus.



Pro Dunk Gold

Stability: 4.9 Out Of 5.0

Durability: 4.9 Out Of 5.0

Assembly: 4.8 Out Of 5.0

Bonuses: Rust Armored Protection & Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Overall: 4.9 Out Of 5.0



The Good

  • Great Hoop for the entire family, regardless of age and size
  • Full 60 inch and thick tempered glass backboard that makes for realistic game-like feel
  • Looks beautiful in the driveway or yard
  • Easy installation with little to no issues
  • Perfect for aggressive play and intense pickup games due to minor shaking
  • Ideal for all ages

The Bad 

  • More expensive than other top hoops


The Pro Dunk Gold is the most top rated goal on the market today. It features an high-grade 60 inch tempered glass backboard that makes you feel that your in an actual gym. You won’t even be able to tell the difference.

It has greater range of motion than the other hoops, ranging from 5 feet for the little ones all the way to regulation 10 feet for the big boys. And its’s all done in just a matter of seconds due to the powerful lift-assist height adjuster.

You won’t have to worry about the goal getting wobbly or shaky. The backboard is attached to a durable and strong, 6 inch square pole. It will stay solid for decades to come.

It comes with an heavy duty rim with internal dual spring back system just like the NBA uses, built to withstand powerful dunks and aggressive play.

Just when you think it can’t get no better than it does, It is back by a limited lifetime warranty that cover all basketball play (including dunking). Everything your looking for in an outdoor in ground basketball hoop, Pro Dunk Gold has it.

Silverback 54” In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard

Stability: 4.8 Out Of 5.0

Durability: 4.8 Out Of 5.0

Assembly: 4.6 Out Of 5.0

Bonuses: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Overall: 4.8 Out Of 5.0






The Good

  • Anchoring system allows you to unbolt and move hoop to wherever you like
  • Powder-coated goal that makes it resistant against rust
  • 54 inch tempered glass backboard makes for realistic play

The Bad

  • Backboard vibrates for 15-20 secs after hard shot, not a big deal but noticeable


Sliverback 54″ is one of the top-dogs in basketball hoops. It features an 54 inch tempered glass backboard that makes for a game like feeling and provides ultimate strength from shattering. You won’t be able to just shoot at the backboard and just expect it to go in like low-grade basketball hoops. It’s the real deal.

The anchoring system makes this so efficient because it makes moving and leveling the hoop so much easier. If you move houses, you can pack it up and move it with you.

The powder-coated steel pole offers premium rust resistance and UV protection against the sun. Includes a pro-style breakaway rim that flexes under pressure and won’t bend overtime.

Sliverback 54″ is also backed by limited lifetime warranty just in case something is damaged or broken.



Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System

Stability: 4.4 Out Of 5.0

Durability: 4.6 Out Of 5.0

Assembly: 4.5 Out of 5.0

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Overall: 4,5 Out Of 5.0






The Good

  • Less expensive than competing brands and offers good quality
  • Heavy duty pool ensures safe play
  •  Breakaway rim is great for aggressive play and dunking

The Bad

  • Thin pole so it can sometimes be wobbly when playing
  • Installation is simple but takes a long time
  • The height adjuster is a challenge when raising the height, not suitable for little kids


The Spalding features an 54 inch tempered glass backboard, built to withstand extensive use and aggressive play. The tempered glass makes for a game-like feeling and will be able to simulate the actual game right from the comfort of your yard. It has a 4 inch square pool which is a little thin, but still gets the job done and not even noticeable when playing.

The installation is very simple due to the plastic sleeve, but does takes some time. When installation is complete, you’ll soon realize it was worth the patience. The breakaway rim encourages aggressive play and dunking, and gives it that professional look.

If you have a limited budget, the Spalding is a great system that’s affordable and will meet your needs.


The Bottom Line

Choosing the right basketball hoop can be a tough decision, my recommendation would be the Pro Dunk Gold. It has numerous of benefits not only for the family but for a serious basketball players as well. Plus, it makes any yard look 10x better.

But everyone situation is different, and you have to choose the best one that’s fits your lifestyle. I guarantee you this though, you will not go wrong if you choose any of these hoops I just explained. They are the best in ground basketball hoops out on the market today.

I hope I answered your question on “what is the best in ground basketball hoops?”, and that you share this article. If you have any questions or want to share your experience, leave an comment below. Love to hear, and I will be sure to reply.



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  1. This is great because I was hoping to purchase a hoop that I won’t have to worry about tumbling over when my nephews come over to practice. I’m not too familiar with hops so this really narrowed my search down even further. Thanks for the information this was really well written an understandable.

  2. A very informative article! We’ve been planning to install an in ground basketball hoop in our yard, but all the information that we’ve been able to find online has been a little contradictory. It’s seems like there are lots of very good ratings out there for different hoops, so it makes it hard to choose. Thanks for breaking it down and helping us out!

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