What Is The Best Basketball Workout – The Ultimate Basketball Workout

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The hard work is what separates the average basketball players from the great basketball players. Professional basketball players like Damian Lillard and CJ Mculloum got to where they are today because of the work they put in when no one was watching.

The ultimate goal of doing a basketball workout is so that it can translate into the real game. So it’s important to be working on the right stuff in your workouts or you will be just wasting your time and energy. I go into more detail on What Is The Best Basketball Workout and how it can transform your game as you keep reading below.

The Drills Are Game Specific

Basketball drills should always simulate the real game. When you watch professional basketball players workout, every drill they do simulates a real game situation. They do this so that they bodies will automatically know what to do when they come across that situation in the real game. They won’t even have to think about it, they’ll just be playing out of instinct.

If you go into a workout, and just do ball handling drills the whole time with hundreds of cones scattered across the court. Obviously, that workout is going to improve your basketball handles, but it won’t teach you how to apply it in the real game. You wouldn’t know what move to do in pick and roll situations, one on one isolation, being pressured by the defense, etc… Your improved handle would be just for show and warmups.

So it is a major key that your workouts reflect the actual game.


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Intensity Level Is On MAXIMUM

Game specific basketball drills and high intensity go hand and hand. You can’t have one without the other. All your basketball drills can simulate the real game, but if your not going game speed, the drills won’t do you any good.

Going game speed on every rep will make you feel comfortable and natural when doing it in the actual game.

For example, you’re practicing your one on one moves, but only going half speed. When you try to do those moves in the game, your more likely to dribble the ball off your foot or turnover the ball completely. The reason why is because your only accustomed to going half speed not full speed. Therefore, practice your reps at game speed or your setting yourself up for failure.

Get In, Get Out

Basketball players nowadays have the common misconception that you have to be in the gym all day to make advances in your game. That is completely false.

Just think about it, professional basketball players schedules are way too busy to be in a gym all day. They go to the gym, and get what needs to be done, done. Then leaves and carries on with the rest of their day.

A player that only spends 90 minutes actually working on their game can get more accomplished than a player who has been shooting around for 5 hours.

Go to the gym with a set workout plan of all the drills your going to do and what you going to work on. Give yourself a time limit to complete the drill so you won’t get distracted or procrastinate. Now, not only does your workouts becomes more efficient, but your maximizing your time in the gym.

Focus On Weaknesses, Build Upon Strengths

The focal point of your basketball workouts should be turning your weaknesses into your strengths. It’s okay to work on your strengths, but there should be more attention shown to your weaknesses.

For example, If you know that you can’t dribble with your left hand to save your life, then you should be doing extra ball handling reps with your left hand alone. This will strengthen your left hand over time and you’ll able to dribble around with your left or right hand.

You can apply this technique in all elements of basketball whether it’s defense, shooting, rebounding, etc… Just never stop improving.

Mentally Challenging

Basketball workouts should not only challenge you physically, but mentally as well.

The drills within the workout should test your limits, and then it becomes a challenge itself to push past your limits. Every repetition should capture your entire focus, you should be able to visualize yourself performing that move or action in the real game.

This method of training not only maximizes the payoff, but it makes working out fun and interesting.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is always best. You don’t need a thousand cones or the newest basketball gadgets to better your craft.

All you really need is just 3 key ingredients: A basketball, A basketball court, and effort. One of those key ingredients is completely FREE.

Don’t let these so-called “Basketball Skill Trainers” on YouTube fool you just because they using all these different color cones and these cool looking basketball gadgets. If none of those things translate into the real game, it is a waste of time and energy.

So keep the focus of your workouts on getting better at basketball, and not trying to look cool.

The Bottom Line

A basketball workout containing these qualities that I explained above can make all the difference in your game. From bench player to starter, from role player to star player, from not even a prospect to a 5-star recruit.

This is how the pros train every time they go to workout, and that is how they got to where they are today. So the only way to improve your basketball skills is through intensified game-specific workouts over a period of time.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on What Is The Best Basketball Workout and encourage you to share it with a teammate. If you have any questions or want share your own workouts, leave an comment below. Love to hear.


6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Basketball Workout – The Ultimate Basketball Workout

  1. It would have been to good to get some insight on what exactly is the ULTIMATE basketball workout! Repetition is key!

    For beginners it may be better to practice moves on air to get mechanics down properly and graduate into game speed when comfort is present!

    There was a time where working out was grabbing a ball get some friends and work in your skill at the nearest court. If you were new you’d get better just being around it.

    Now there are all types of programs to create a generation of soft kids who can’t play without trying to be on ESPN!

    Totally in agreement with the ones who waste time in the gym with zero purpose! Create a plan, take action, and accomplish those goals!

  2. Hey Coach!

    I love your page about mental training, because I believe all sports are won or lost first in the minds of the players.

    Practice, having a positive attitude, and visualizing scoring, or maybe hearing the ball go into the net, really great stuff!

    I believe you cannot do anything with positive thinking, but you can do everything “better” with a positive attitude than a negative one.

    All respect.


  3. Specific sports lie basketball require different worout practices. It’s not bodybuilding and it’s a dynamic sport with many different concepts in it.

    Combining the in game techniques and strategies are the best methods to stick with. High intensity intervals combined with game drills and scenarios are probably the best practices to follow.

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