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The Scoring Academy Basketball Training Program

Price: $67.00

Official Website: TheScoringAcademy.com

Add-ons: Freshman Program, Sophomore Program, Senior Program, Overseas Program, NBA Program

Bonuses: In-Season Program, Youth Program

Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied

My Rating: 4.8 Out Of 5.0



The Scoring Academy Overview

The Scoring Academy is an step-by-step online basketball skills development program. It’s designed for all basketball players regardless of your size, age, position, or skill level.

The program has training modules that best suits your skill level and will give you specific guidance on what you need to take your game to the next level. It is a program that will help master all aspects of the game from scoring the ball all the way to becoming an overall complete basketball player.

If you want to know an honest and detailed review on what is the best basketball training program, read on below.

The Creator Of The Scoring Academy

The program is designed by former pro Augie Johnson who was once like all of us, an basketball player with a ball and a dream. Augie was an below average or average player.

He hired himself an professional basketball trainer that was way more expensive then what your paying for program today, and made significant improvements in his basketball skills. At his college, he went from a walk-on player (a basketball player without a scholarship) to a full-ride scholarship and starting spot. From averaging 1.9 PPG. (Points Per Game) to 15 PPG. From bench player to star player.  Which all resulted in turning his dreams into reality, becoming an professional basketball player.

He played professional basketball for over 7 years in one of the most competitive and most-paid European leagues, also known as Overseas basketball.

He shares his vital basketball knowledge with everything he picked from his training with the professional skills trainer and over his professional career in The Scoring Academy Basketball training program.

Become A Lights Out Shooter


The Scoring Academy creates elite shooters. I’m not talking about a streaky shooter that hits a couple of shots in a row every now and then, but an pure shooter that can’t be left open or alone. A shooter that must be paid close attention to on every defensive possession. A shooter that when they shoot, everybody automatically thinks it’s going in. Those type of deadly shooters.

The program has specified shooting drills that redefines your current shooting form and develops it into a lighting-quick, smooth, and automatic shooting stroke. These are some of the elite drills that great shooters like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and many others do on daily basis to get there jump shots to where they are now.

Forget being an average shooter, become an elite shooter.


Pin-Point Passes To Create For Your Teammates

I know the name of the program is called The Scoring Academy, but it’s focus is not just on putting the ball in the hoop, but on all aspects of the game including PASSING. Too many players tend to overlook the importance of being able to pass the ball because they’re to focused on scoring. Basketball is a team game, which means players have to create opportunities for one another in order to win.

The program will not only teaches you how to pass the ball, but the IQ aspect of it as well. The program uses game situational drills that forces you to read the defense and make the right pass. It’s not just the simple chest passes and bounce passes anymore, it much more than that. It’s the pocket passes out of the Pick N’ Roll, the skip passes over the defense, the drive and kick passes, and that’s just a few to name.

You’ll definitely boost your assists per game with these drills, and your coach and teammates will love it.

World-Class Play-Making Abilities

The Scoring Academy will equip you to with that play-making capability. The ability to make something out of nothing. To recognize a weak point in the defense and exploit it every time down. Not only creating for yourself, but for your teammates as well.

The program provides detailed instructional videos on different scenarios and situations you’ll see in the game, and how to counter them to your benefit. Once you become a student of the game, your basketball IQ will be so sharp that you’ll be able to see the play before it even happens. Putting you at an advantage because you’ll know exactly when, where, and what to do, to put your team in the best possible position to win.

Having an answer for whatever the defense has to throw at you.

Ball-On-A-String Handle

Feel comfortable dribbling the ball at all times whether the defender is playing pressure defense, playing off of you, or the defense is trying to trap you. The ball will feel as if it’s attached to you enabling you to be able to control the ball with ease and to get to any spot on the floor.

The Scoring Academy uses an combination of stationary and on the move dribbling drills that reprograms your mind and nervous system to dribble the ball better and easier than you ever have before. Simple but very effective drills to enhance your ball handling skills.

Handling the basketball will become effortless, you won’t even have to think about it anymore.

LOCK-DOWN Defender

Like I mentioned before, the focus of The Scoring Academy is not just on scoring, but making you a complete basketball player. Become your team go-to defensive stopper, not letting anyone get by you or score on you. Be that lock down defender every player on the other team hopes you don’t guard them.

The program implements defensive drills that improves your lateral quickness and strength. Giving you the ability to lock up slower offensive players and to anticipate their moves before they even do them. All the of the great offensive players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, they were all also great defensive players as well.

Do these defensive drills, and watch your on-ball defense rise to another level

Five-Star Scoring Instincts

This is what The Scoring Academy is known for. Out of all the other components of The Scoring Academy, this is where your game will benefit most. Your scoring instincts will be so in sync that the defense will feel helpless trying to guard you. Controlling the game with your scoring ability and attacking the defense from all angles, making it look so effortlessly.

The program doesn’t just teach you one way to score, it teaches you to be versatile in your scoring. Being able to score off the dribble, catch N’ shoot, scoring from the low post, etc… For example, If the defense shuts down your 3-point shooting, you can rely on your driving ability to score, and so on. This type of versatility in your game makes you UNGUARDABLE . Honestly, what serious basketball player doesn’t want to be unguardable ?

Stephen Curry put it best, “The best players are the one’s that can do a lot of things well and one thing really well.”


Supreme Confidence

To be a great or good basketball player, you must be confident. To have confidence, you must be prepared. The Scoring Academy is what gets you prepared, and significant improvements in your game both mentally and physically is the results. Every time you step on the floor, you’ll know that your properly prepared and that NOBODY can stop you.

With the use of high-intensity and game-specific basketball drills inside the program, you’ll be well prepared for what the game has to throw at you. You’ll start seeing and experiencing more success in your basketball career, which in turn, increases your overall confidence. Without confidence, you’ll never play to your full capabilities and most definitely won’t be an elite scorer.

It’s a major key to know that your the best player on the court every time you step between those lines, no matter who you up against.

My Honest Opinion

I’m a basketball trainer, so i’m always looking for new ways and methods to better my training so I can put my players in the best possible position to succeed. I’ve heard about The Scoring Program through a friend that used it with his son.

His son went from playing freshman basketball to the starting point guard on varsity, all in one off-season. So I had to try it out on one of my players to see if it really works. I got the program, and gave him everything that he needed. After 6 weeks, you can see the improvements in his overall game. His shot was more consistent, handles tighter, on-ball defense was more intense, and he had this swagger about him like “You can’t guard me”. It was as if he was a completely different player, and he wasn’t even finished with the program yet! To make a long story short, he went from averaging 8.2 PPG to 17.3 PPG on varsity, and is now on his way to earning district MVP.

The Scoring Academy works and actually produces results. Not like them other programs and trainers, that costs hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars, for some fancy-looking basketball drills that will not work in the actual game. The price of $67.00 is nothing compared to when you see the transformation of your game and basketball career. I recommend the program for any serious basketball players looking to improve their game, especially if they don’t have any good personal basketball trainers available to them.

The Scoring Academy gets the Next Level Hoops Stamp Of Approval. 

The Bottom Line

The Scoring Academy has all the tools you need and more to achieve your basketball goals whether it be earning a full-ride Division 1 basketball scholarship, making the varsity basketball team, or just making the team. Whatever your basketball goals may be, The Scoring Academy is going to put you on the best and most fastest route to achieving them.

It’s great for all ages and skill levels, and even comes with an 100% money back guarantee so it’s risk free.

I hope I answered your question on “What Is The Best Basketball Program?”, and that you share this article. Leave an comment below if you have questions or want to share your experience.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Best Basketball Training Program – Next Level Hoops

  1. Wow, finally I found somebody who is really looking to not only help people play a better game of basketball but
    make money doing it. It’s a great site and falls into my category somewhat. I am a certified personal trainer and advocate of a better health style for seniors. I am in the brand new stage here at WA. But hope to get to the point where I not only help people but also make some money doing it. Great site. Best of luck to you

  2. I always loved sports as a kid; football, soccer, baseball, etc. But with basketball, it never really clicked with me. The people in my games would always dribble the ball so fluidly, but controlling the ball and executing plays was something I could never pull off. This means that I’d usually just try to make shots from the 3 point line, because I was exceptionally good at those. I’m hoping that this training program can really tell me what I’ve been missing because shooting hoops is fun with friends in spare time, but I’d also like to become a competitive opponent in some matches!

    Thank you for this!

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