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The difference between great basketball players and average basketball players lies in their training.

Mediocre players work on things that will not or have little effect in the actual game, some players don’t even practice at all. Everything great players work on is tailored to fit their game and is game specific, that’s why they have so much success in the actual game.

Professional basketball players like Stephan Curry, John Wall, Damian Lillard, etc… become who they are due to their high-intensity and game specific workouts.

Read on below to find out what is the best basketball skills training and how it can transform you into the basketball player you dream to be.

Game Specific Is Critical

. Basketball players ask me all the time why they don’t have success don’t have success in games. I asked them about their training routine, and they always tell me, “I work on my handles and make 500 shots everyday”. I tell them, “That’s your problem right there.”

Basketball skills training must be game specific in order for it to be effective in real games. You have to work on pick N roll situations, catch N shoot situations, mid-range game, 3-point game, and so much more. Players fail to realize that there is more to the game of basketball than just dribbling and shooting, you must break it down to the smallest of details to take your game to the next level.

If your basketball workouts are not game specific, you’ll improve somewhat, but you’ll never be the elite player that you dream to be.


High Intensity Workouts

To make the most of your workouts, they must have high-intensity. Having high-intensity basketball skill workouts enables you to get the entire workout done and make every rep count.

Professional basketball players don’t spend hours upon hours in the gym working out, their lives and schedules are too busy for that.  Instead, they get in the gym and do what needs to be done, and get out. Their average skill workouts doesn’t last more than 90 minutes, but within that 90 minutes, they made sure that they left that gym being a better basketball player than they were yesterday.

You must push yourself in your workouts by not wasting valuable reps or procrastinating, to make the most out of your time in the gym.


High Repetitions = High Improvements

In order for your mind to take the skill that you learned and turn it into instinct, you must do it over and over again. That way when it comes to game-time, their won’t be no thinking involved, everything will be automatic.

The game of basketball is a fast-paced game and you don’t have enough time to stop and think every situation out, it has to be instinct. And the only way to turn a skill into instinct is by building those repetitions in practice. Practicing that one move or situation over and over again till you can do it effortlessly.

High repetitions not only turns a skill into instinct, it also boosts your overall basketball confidence.

Game Speed Is The Only Speed


We all know that if you perform lazy reps or half-speed reps in your workouts, that they wont do nothing for you. Your just wasting your time and energy. Game speed reps are the ones that translates into the actual game.

Every rep in your workout should be performed at game speed, or a speed faster than game speed that makes you uncomfortable. When you workout like that, the game slows down mentally and your body will feel comfortable or natural performing at that speed.

You can’t expect to play at the pace of the game if you go half-speed in your workouts. My motto is “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”, that’s how you take your game to the next level.

Have An Variety Of Options


Basketball skill workouts should not just focus on one aspect of the game, but the entire game. You should be working on scoring, shooting, rebounding, defense, and so much more.

If you only work on one part of the game, that makes you easy to guard. For example, lets say you only work on your 3 – point shooting, but if the defense shuts down your shooting, how you going to be a factor then? You have to be versatile in your game, and the only way to do that, is to be versatile in your training.

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The Bottom Line

To dominate in the actual game, you have to dominate in your training first. You not only have to work on your game, but KNOW what to work on.

Shooting 500 hundred shots per day and doing dribbling drills you got from YouTube is not going to give you the results you want. You got to have game-like skills training to make the jump from bench player to star player. Click HERE now, if you want to make that jump.

I hope I answered your question on What Is The Best Basketball Skills Training, and that you share this article. If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience, leave an comment below. I will surely reply to them.


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  1. Very interesting to say the least, makes perfect sense you practice like you are playing the game. You made very distingushing points on the stars we watch playing the game. I am going to bookmark your page and come back and see your updates. Your page gives new insights to some one like myself who typically just watches the game without understanding what it takes to be that superstar. Thank yu for the good information.


  2. Hi David! Always been a fan of basketball and I play everyday in school! But I joined my school team thinking of improving my ball skills and that’s how I found this article!
    Really helpful as I now know what type of workout and mentality to up my game!
    Anyways, do you have a few recommendations of programs, preferably online that is cheap yet really good to have? Thanks!

  3. This is all so true!. All I’ve heard from coaches since I was little was practice how you play, and man were they right. As a baseball player I followed that same regimen. If yo want to see in game results, you’re going to have to target your workouts to in game situation. Great article!

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