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Anyone can score a TON if they shoot a TON. Great scorers score efficiently within the flow of the offense, not trying to force the ball at the rim every time they touch it.

For example, whenever Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan caught the ball offense, they read how the defense is playing them, and make the right play whether it be scoring the ball or dishing it off to a teammate. It led to their team winning more games which ULTIMATELY lead to winning championships.

To be a scorer, you first must train like a scorer by doing workouts that simulate the real game.

Read on below in What Is The Best Scoring Workout to discover what you need to incorporate in your training to become that PROLIFIC SCORER.

Pick N Roll


Majority of  basketball offense involves pick n roll, so it should be one of the focal points in your workouts.

Pick N Roll is when an offensive player sets a screen for another offensive player (The Pick). The ball handler then comes off the pick looking to create scoring opportunities. The screener opens up and cuts to the basket looking for the ball (The Roll).

Players like Steve Nash and Chris Paul make their living off this offensive play. If your able to come read the pick n roll effectively and make the right play, your ABSOLUTELY love you and your offensive efficiency rating will SKYROCKET.

When coming off the Pick N Roll, you always want to be:

  • Low And Balanced- This gives you the explosive power to blow past your defenders and prevents you from getting knocked off balance if defense bumps you.
  • Attack Mode –  Come off the pick looking to attack and create a scoring opportunity for yourself or teammates.
  • Be Deceptive – Before going over the pick, use a dribble move or jab step to fake like your going the opposite direction. This makes the defense play you honestly and free’s up space for you to come off the pick.
  • Keep Head Up And Scan The Floor – Good teams have help side defense to counter the pick n roll. So come off the pick with your head up, reading how the defense is playing you, and either find the open man or score the ball.
  • Wait For The Pick – Too many time players will get anxious and go over the pick before it even was set which results in a offensive foul. Be patient and wait for the screener to have their feet set, then go over the pick. If the defense is playing pressure defense on you to force you to go early, use dribble moves to create space to give more time to the screener to get set.

One On One

The great Scorers like Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson are also great one on one players. If they got the ball and its a isolation play for them, 9 times out of 10, they’re going to get a bucket for their team. What makes great scorers like them so unguardable is that they have counter moves on top of counter moves.

Counter moves are the moves you perform on a defender when your initial move didn’t work.

For example, you try to do a hesitation crossover on your defender, but he didn’t bite on the move and he’s still in front of you. So now you would follow up with a between the legs or behind the back dribble move to get the defender off balance and create space for yourself.

To improve your one on one skills:

  • Play One on One games with friends with teammates. You can make the games even more challenging by playing “3 dribbles 1v1”, where you only have 3 dribbles to score. Play games from 3 spots (Middle and Both Wings).
  • Watch film on great one on one players such as Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson. Write down the moves that best suits your game and practice them in your workouts.


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Being able to shoot the basketball will always play a key role in a players ability to score. Having the ability to knock down shots consistently from mid-range and three pointers will not only open up the floor for you, but also for your teammates.

To be considered a prolific scorer, you have to be able knock down open shots. If the defense is late on a rotation or it breaks down and your left wide open. You have to make them pay for it.

Your workouts should include spot shooting from:

  • Mid-Range – Middle, Both Wings, and  Both Corners
  • 3 pointers – Middle, Both Wings, and Both Corners

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Ball Handling

To be able to come off ball screens and attack defenders off the dribble all requires the ability to handle the basketball.

Prolific scorers like James Harden and Stephen Curry don’t even worry about losing the ball because they know they got their handle on a string.

So it doesn’t matter if the defense is pressuring them or playing off, they are still going to get to whatever spot on the court and create scoring opportunities for themselves or teammates.

I see a lot of players that spend their whole workout doing just ball handling drills and wonder why they only score 2 points a game.

You shouldn’t spend majority of your workout just doing ball hall handling drills because your workout should simulate the real game. And doing 100 dribbles moves on cones that are scattered all over the court doesn’t simulate the real game.

It’s important to only spend a small portion of your workout dedicated to improving your handles. If you don’t have a clue on what ball handling drills to do, click the link below to check out effective drills that will get your handles on a string.

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Triple Threat

Elite scorers like Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony made a killing off the triple threat position. They’ll catch the ball in triple threat, either face their defender up or keep them on their backside, read how the defense is playing them, and just take whatever the defense gives them whether it’s a pass to an open teammate or scoring opportunity.

When you first catch the basketball, you automatically should be in triple threat. Triple threat is the basketball position where you can shoot, pass to a teammate, or attack off the dribble. It also prevents you from traveling.

So you can see how important is to practice and get comfortable with scoring out of the triple threat position.

To get comfortable attacking out the triple threat:

  • Watch elite players like Kobe and Carmelo. Take the moves that suitable to your game and practice them in your workouts and scrimmages.
  • Practice Attacking Out of Triple Threat. Toss the ball to yourself, get set in triple threat, and practice scoring out of it. Do this from all 5 spots on the court (Middle, Both Wings, Both Corners).

Dribble Pull-Up Jumpers

Dribble pull-ups can be a challenging part of the game to improve at, but once you get good at it, scoring the basketball will be a piece of cake. For example, your attacking the goal and help side defense rotates over, you could stop and pop for the short range jump-shot.

Also, if your dribbling and the defender is playing off of you, all you would have to do is just pull-up for the shot in their face.

Easy And Quick BUCKETS.

To improve your pull-up jumpers:

  • Practice pulling up for jump-shots off the dribble from all 5 spots on the floor, including mid-range and 3 pointers. Even visualize a defender guarding you and closing out to you. Make sure to work on different types of pull-ups such as 1-dribble pull-ups, 2-dribble pull-ups, step-back pull-ups, hesitation pull-ups, etc…
  • Watch film on players like James Harden and Stephen Curry where pull-up jumpers are a big part of their game. Take the moves that suitable to your game and practice them.

Finishing At The Rim

The number 1 rule when it comes to being a better finisher in basketball is: You make layups with your eyes open. Too many times I see players close their eyes when finishing because they are scared of getting bumped or knocked down. How you suppose to make layups or dunks if you not even looking at the rim?

Attack the rim aggressively and expect contact, you’ll notice how many more layups you start to make.

To Become A Better Finisher:

    • Work on attacking the rim from all 5 spots on the court strong and hard. Focus on keeping your eyes on the rim and going game speed. Also, practice different types of finishes such as floaters, reverse layups, euro step layups, etc…


The Bottom Line

Becoming an elite basketball scorer like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Incorporate these What Is The Best Basketball Scoring Workout tips into your training regimen and trust the process.

Soon you’ll begin to see the transformation in your game and how easy it is for you to score the basketball. If you don’t know what drills to do in your workouts, I recommend

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I hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to share it with a friend. If you have any questions or want to share your own workout, leave an comment below. Love to hear.

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  1. I haven’t played ball since I was a kid, you’re inspiring me to get back into it and really up my A-game again. Do you think you can pick up basketball skills again a little later in life, or is youth an important point? I’m going to head down to the court later today and work on the triple threat and see how it goes!

  2. Great article. I wish I had blogs like this when I was playing in high school. You covered every aspect of offense. This post is making me want to come out of retirement haha. I like how you added video so the reader can see what it is you’re explaining in the text.

  3. Funny that the first video is of Steve Nash. As soon as I read “Pick and Roll”, I thought about Steve Nash. He was the king of pick and roll. I am a longtime Suns fan and he and Amare Stoudemire ran that all the time.

    Great list of drills here. Is that a blindfold on Steph Curry? That guy is amazing. Drills are so key to achieving better basketball skills. Shooting drill, dribbling drills, whatever it takes to get to the rim. The more time spent practicing, the easier it will be, come game time. Unless of course, you are Allen Iverson (we talkin’ about practice!). Thanks for sharing yet another great post of basketball. Keep them coming!

  4. Thanks for writing these tips on the best basketball scoring workouts. I coach a junior team (u9’s) and we need to focus on the basics. Some of the footwork in these videos and instructions were really interesting to hear but ultimately they are too advanced for my group.
    I was just wondering what are your best tips for small children playing their first or second season?

  5. This is a great breakdown of the different aspects of basketball. I love your pick n roll section, as the “low and balanced” aspect is huge when attacking and being deceptive. Stockton and Malone were some of the best at this. Also, the one-on-one aspect can help lead into other sections, such as the dribble pull up jumpers, dribbling, and shooting. Being able to enhance all of these through a game of one-on-one is perfect. You mention watching players like Carmelo for a triple threat review, but I would say a player like Paul Pierce would be a good option as well, as his head fakes and body movement gave hime great separation and skills for been less athletic than others. Great post! 

    1. Paul Pierce is a great option and is also one of my favorite players. He was UNSTOPPABLE in his prime. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi,

    this is a very useful article. I’m a fan of NBA and I love basketball ingeneral. You mentioned key points and important stuff for improvement and thebest results in playing. It is great that there are videos like this withJordan to see visually how it looks and of course, cause professional isshowing it. I played basketball with my friends recently just for fun, not so ’detailed’….but when I saw all of this, I feel motivated to try to master these techniques.

    Thanks, I’ll bookmark this page.



    1. The way to get better at basketball is by attention to the small details. Just get in the gym and work on your game is all I can tell you and you will be dominating your friends every time y’all step on the court.

  7. Hi David, these are some great tips for anyone wanting to improve their basketball game.  I love how you have included videos, most people are able to learn better visually.  You also include the best players to watch on film, who excel at certain things, great idea.  It has been a long time since I have played basketball, (my high school days), but I do enjoy watching it.  I think anyone reading this article can greatly improve their skill, by following your tips.

    1. Share this article on your social media so other basketball supporters can take benefit from it. Glad I can help you. 

  8. It is interesting to know about such a specific work out on basket ball.  I am not a 🏀 basket ball player.  But I like to watch the game. Practices make perfect is the golden rule to get success in all areas. I admire the famous basket ball player who have dedicated their time to improve their skills. We should apply the principle in blogging too.  Write every day and learn as much as possible.  Your article is very comprehensive.  Love the detail explanation in it. 

    1. The things I teach and write about in basketball are very versatile and can be applied to multiple areas of life. So I am just glad that I can help.

  9. This is the best tutorial to increase my shooting score in basketball I have seen:) You have covered this topic on multiple levels which is very rare, So thank you very much. In response to a previous question regarding tips for young children, I would esquire if you would have some suggestion’s as starter workout for children interested in playing basketball?

    Kind regards Rob

  10. If you had to pick one drill to become a better scorer what would it be? If you want to be a great scorer it’s best to just hit the gym and don’t come out until you can hit 50 straight . Getting to the hole is something not everyone is able to do so good offense drill to get to the hole is swimming with drag. It builds stamina and strength and gives the body the advantage when getting pounded. It also makes you quicker.

    1. My one drill would definitely be a one on one drill because it develops your scoring mentality. Thanks for your comment.  

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