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Price: $139.99

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Add-Ons: Bundle Package

Size: 29.5

Overall: 4.9 Out Of 5.0


Spalding NBA Official Game Ball is the ACTUAL basketball that the National Basketball Association (NBA) uses for their games and practices.

Designed for indoor play only. It features full-grain leather cover and meets the required size and weight of the NBA. Officially licensed by the NBA. You can be like the pros and step out onto the court with the official basketball of the NBA.

Read on below to find out why this is the best basketball money can buy in my detailed Spalding NBA Game Basketball Review.

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As Real As It Gets

The NBA hosts the best basketball players in the world, so they only use the best equipment. From basketball goals, basketball gear, and most importantly, basketballs. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Spalding Game Ball is the official basketball of the NBA. The best basketball players in the world like Lebron James, Stephan Curry, Kevin Durant, etc… they all use this ball. It is officially licensed by Adam Sliver (Commissioner of the NBA), meaning that this basketball is 100% authentic.

So when you go to work on your game or play basketball in general, your going to be playing with the same ball the best basketball players in the world play with.


The Spalding Game balls are the most durable balls that you’ll ever find. They will last for many years and basketball seasons to come.  The Spalding game basketball features full grain horween leather. It is one of the most finest out of the entire leather line. Known for it’s consistency, responsiveness, and quality.

Most basketballs don’t last more than a year, they start developing lumps and the paint starts to chip. Then just becomes a wasted investment because you got to throw it away and get a new one. I’ve had my Spalding NBA Game Ball going on 2 years now, and it still feels and looks like it’s fresh out the box.

Grip Is Everything

We all know that grip and texture of a basketball is a major key when purchasing one. It got to have that custom fit feel, like when putting a glove on. No other basketball competes with the Spalding NBA Game Basketball when it comes to grip. Coated with an 100% all leather, it feels like an extension of your arm when playing.

Basketball is an intense game and can get very sweaty. So when them good-for-nothing balls get wet, you have to continuously wipe them down. But when the Spalding Game Ball gets wet, you gain even more grip.

That’s why you see NBA players lick their fingers when they shooting free throws, to get that extra grip for better control on their shot. Pretty Cool, isn’t it?

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Dribbling, Dribbling, Dribbling

Quality basketballs have the right balance of padding. Average or below average basketballs either have too much padding or not enough padding.

Reason why basketballs have so much padding is because the makers try to enhance the grip, but this causes the ball to bounce too soft for a strong drive. You could put air into it, but then you would be losing some it’s grip. If a ball doesn’t have enough padding, it feels like your playing with a rock. The ball will feel slippery and at higher risk for a jammed finger. Jammed fingers are the most annoying and nagging injuries to have as a basketball player.

Spalding NBA Game Basketball have the right balance of padding, which makes for a great feel and play. That’s why it’s the official basketball of the NBA.

Can’t Forget About Shooting

Shooting is the most important aspect in the game. Without it, you can’t win games. So if your a shooter, it’s important to have a basketball with a nice grip and fits your shooting form.

Since the grip on the Spalding Game Ball is so firm, it gives you more control on your shots. The ball just tends to roll off your fingertips with perfect rotation and find it’s way to the bottom of the net. Not saying you going to be able to shoot like Stephan Curry right out the box, you still got to put in the work to become that elite of a shooter.

But having a good feel and control of the ball is a big part of making shots, and the Spalding NBA Game Ball delivers.

My Honest Opinion

I’m a basketball trainer and I currently own 8+ basketballs. By far, the Spalding Game Basketball is my favorite of them all. Like I said earlier,  I’ve had my Spalding basketball for about 2 years now and I love it. I use all the time when i’m playing pick-up games or trying my professional basketball players. When I first got it, it took some breaking it in like you have to do with all basketballs. But once it was completely broke in, the feeling of the ball just kept getting better and better each time I used it.

When dribbling, it feels like my handles are on a string. The ball just bounces where I want it to go. The firm grip of the ball just sits comfortably in my shooting hand, making for a smooth and crisp jump-shot. I be out on the court feeling like i’m Ray Allen, just raining 3 pointers.

I recommend this basketball for the serious basketball player or just anyone who loves playing the game of basketball. It’s a little more expensive than your average basketball, but still affordable. Plus, you get a return on your investment over and over again with the longevity of this basketball.

Spalding NBA Game Basketball Gets The Next Level Hoops Stamp Of Approval

The Bottom Line

When buying a basketball, you look for balls that’s going to meet your needs, provide good quality, and lasts you a long time. The Spalding NBA Official Game ball is the top-dog when it comes to quality and durability, that’s why their the top-rated basketball out now.

Once you actually play with a Spalding Game Ball, you won’t ever want to play with any other type of basketball again. It just leaves that lasting impression on you. So spoil yourself and pick you up a genuine leather basketball. That sounds good, right?

I hope you enjoyed and tell a friend about this Spalding NBA Game Basketball Review. If you have any questions or want to share your own experience, leave an comment below


4 thoughts on “Spalding Nba Game Basketball Review – Next Level Hoops

  1. I never knew the official basketball of the NBA was so expensive. The quality and duration in which it lasts will make it well worth the price. There is no better way to practice your game than by using the ball that the pros use. Basketball is my favorite sport and I am in need of a quality ball so I may need to make this investment in the near future.

  2. I like basketball a lot and have a fun too when I play it. But this article helps me a lot because I was going to give one of my uncle, which play it a lot, basketball.
    But because I always think about qualities I was not sure what I should buy because there are some interesting brands in the market.
    But you convinced with the explaining of the quality so I will fur sure buy this one. Thanks for your help.

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