Sklz D Man Basketball Training – Take Your Training To The Next Level

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Price: $57.59

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Size: 6’5 to 8’0

Overall: 4.8 Out Of 5.0


Sklz D Man Overview

The Sklz D Man is the ULTIMATE practice partner. Learn to finish over taller defenders, shoot with a hand in your face, blow past your defenders off the dribble, or to make laser-accurate passes in traffic. It helps you visualize the defense to make the right decisions so that when it comes to game time, it will be second nature. Makes sense, right?

The D-man is one of the most widely used basketball equipment out today. From youth basketball all the way up to the pros like the NBA, they all use the D-man in their practices and training sessions to take their game to the NEXT LEVEL.

Read on below to understand in detail why the Sklz D Man Basketball Training is so effective and how it can benefit you.

Finish Over Any And Everybody

The game of basketball has change, players nowadays are taller, stronger, and more athletic. So if your small, nonathletic, or both, you need to be crafty and have an variety of finishes to get your shot off over bigger players. Most importantly, you don’t want to get your shot swatted into the third row of the bleachers.

That would be embarrassing, right? The D-Man is adjustable from 6 ft 5 in to 8 ft, making it identical to the players you’ll see in the game. This enables you to work on all types of finishes like floaters, reverse layups , finesse layups, double-clutch layups, power finishes, etc… All the things that you will need to be successful in the game.

If you want to finish at the rim like Stephen Curry or your just tired of getting your shot blocked, the Sklz D-Man is a great place to start.

Become A Shooter

It’s a lot of basketball players that claims they’re shooters, but when the pressure is on, they crumble. It’s not that hard to make a 3 pointer if your wide open, but try making that same shot with an 6’5 player running at you. That same shot just became 10x more difficult to make. That is the difference between elite shooters and average shooters.

The D-man gives you actual game-like defense so you can work on them pressure shots and be ready for them in the game. Not only are you working on shooting in pressure situations, your also improving your shooting arc. Having an high arc on your shot improves your shooting percentage and lessens your chances of your shot getting blocked.

Get that nothing but net shot no matter who’s guarding you with the D-Man. Sounds nice, doesn’t it.

Blow Past Your Defenders With Your Handles

Being able to handle the ball and create moves off the dribble can generate numerous of opportunities not only for yourself, but for your teammates as well. Nobody will be able to stay in front of you and you’ll be able to set your teammates up so they can be successful as well. You’ll be the player everybody wants to have on there team.

You can set up multiple D-Mans around the court to work on your dribble moves and different game situations such as pick and roll, one on one moves, triple threat moves, etc… Working on all these different assets of your game is how you become an OFFENSIVE POWERHOUSE.

Have that type of handle where you can get to any spot on the court that you please.

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Pin-Point Passes

Passing the ball is one of the most underrated aspects in basketball. Everyone just want to focus on scoring, but being able to feed your teammate at the right place and time for an easy bucket builds team chemistry and makes a fun environment. For example, the Golden State Warriors are able to pass the ball around so easily offense which makes for easy buckets, and that’s why they’re the 2017 NBA Champions.

You can set your D-Man up in a number of situations and use it to work on all types of passes such as chest passes, bounce passes, hook passes, pocket passes, etc. These are passes you see all the time during games, and can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Especially if your a point guard, you need to be able to get the ball out of your hands and to your teammates efficiently and quickly so y’all can have the best opportunity to score.

My Personal Experience

I am a basketball trainer, and this is the practice tool that I use most often during my workouts whether outside or in the gym. I own 5 of them and had them well over a year, never had a problem with them.

It’s super quick and easy to set up and the adjustable height makes it suitable for all ages. They do stand up without additional weight added to the base, however one bump by an player and it will topple over, so it does need weights on the bottom to keep it up during use. I personally didn’t want to go through the hassle of adding water or sand to the bottom of it, so I just put an 10lb weight on top of the base and it gets the job done. Plus, it’s portable and lightweight, so it makes for easy storage.

I prefer the D-Man over regular cones because it’s important for players to visualize the defense in their workouts so that it will translate into the game. Some of the players I train have flat jump shots and need help improving the arc on their shots. I have them shooting over this during the workouts and their jump shots look completely transformed. It’s quicker, smoother, and has the perfect arc for nothing but net.

This is a must have product for the serious basketball player that’s trying to better his game or for the coach who’s trying to maximize their players potential on the court.

The Sklz D-Man Basketball Training Gets The Next Level Hoops Stamp Of Approval

The Bottom Line

The Sklz D-Man Basketball Training  is the perfect practice partner. Making your workouts more efficient and productive by providing game-like defense so when it comes to game time, it’s all automatic. Making it look easy. That’s why all the professional basketball trainers and players implement it in their workouts. Can’t beat that, right?

I hope you enjoyed and share this article. I encourage you to read “The Best Basketball Program To Transform Your Game”, you can’t have all the right equipment without the #1 basketball program in the world. If you have any questions or want to share your own experience, leave an comment below

6 thoughts on “Sklz D Man Basketball Training – Take Your Training To The Next Level

  1. I just read your article “Sklz D Man Basketball Training – Take Your Training To The Next Level”, and I found it to be very insightful.
    My niece has recently begun to play basketball, and man does she need some help!
    i am going to share this with her parents, and pass along your great post.

  2. I must say that I had my doubts about this product at first, but after reading the informative content, I rest my case. This product could really take your practice experience to a different yet useful learning curve. I for one mostly played basketball one on one or just to shot baskets and when I actually played against other pros, I was definitely not used to the new obstacle in the way of my shot. I could see how this would certainly help me practice better in getting used to playing around such players

  3. Have to think about getting one of these to improve my in game 3 point accuracy. It’s easier to have one of these placed in front of you than always having to call a friend to play defence for you :).

    The adjustable height of the D-man is an awesome bonus!

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