Shot Tracker For Basketball Review – Everything You Need To Know

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Product: ShotTracker For Basketball

Price: $149.00 (Retail)

Cheapest Place To Buy For Less Than Retail: Amazon

Add-On: ShotTracker Shooting Sleeve

My Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5.0

Key Features

What is The ShotTracker Exactly?

This Shot Tracker For Basketball Review will answer all your questions and provide you with all the info that you need before buying. ShotTracker is a wearable technology that is designed to automatically track your total number of shot attempts, makes, and misses in your workouts or practices.

The ShotTracker comes with a wrist sensor, net sensor, wrist band, and a charging unit. It’s powered through a free downloadable app on your smartphone which shows you your shooting percentages, the hot spots that you shot well from, and the weak spots that you need to work on.

The app also comes with instructional shooting drills and cool challenges packed inside so you can get up a lot of game repetitions shots while maintaining an high-level intensity.

How-To Use The ShotTracker?

The ShotTracker is easy and simple to use. Simply slide the wrist sensor into the wrist band or shooting sleeve (sold separately),  attach the shooting sensor to the net, open the app, and you’re ready to go.

When you shoot, the wrist sensor takes record of the shot attempt. The net sensor captures whether the shot was made or missed, and the results are sent to the ShotTracker app on your phone.

From the start of your workout to the finish, all your shots will be recorded and available to you through the app.

Who Is The Product For?

The ShotTracker is for the serious basketball players that are looking to improve their overall game and shooting percentages. So it doesn’t even matter if you are a youngster that is just beginning to learn how to play the game of basketball or your a more experienced basketball player. The ShotTracker produces real results for all age groups and skill levels.

How It Can Help?

The key to developing a great shooting stroke like Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson is game-speed intensity and a lot of repetitions. The ShotTracker is the ultimate shooting partner by providing you with all the necessary tools you’ll need to be successful through it’s powerful app. It’s super easy to use and you can take it anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

The app lets you keep track of your shot attempts, makes and misses during your personal workouts which is way more efficient than trying to keep track of it in your head. This gives you the ability to chart your progress over time to find out where you dominate in your game and where it needs some work.

You have instant access to virtual basketball camps and challenges where you compete against other players even NBA players like Klay Thompson. It also provides you with a library of free drills and elite workouts that are personalized to help you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Having this type of access to high level training every time you go to the gym, your definitely going to take your game to the next level.

What I Like About The Shot Tracker

  • Easy Setup – Completed within minutes

The setup is pain free and simple. Not a ton of cables or overly complicated instruction manual I have to deal with. It takes no more than five minutes to get set up and shooting.

  • Mobility

I can pack it up and take it anywhere I go. Just throw it in my backpack and take it to the court.

  • Shot Accuracy

Super accurate in tracking shots and determining my shooting percentage. I get to see if I been making progress in my shooting or been getting worse over a period of time. Having these type of stats creates a feeling of accountability in my workouts and shows what part of my game I need to focus on.

  • Live Community

Compete in virtual camps and challenges against other players and see how I stack up against them. This makes me a better shooter by playing against top competition, but also keeps me motivated in my workouts.

  • Free Training

I have instant access to free drills and workouts that simulates game situations so I can have that, “Been There, Done That”, confidence in real basketball games.

  • Anyone Can Use It

I love how it’s suitable for all ages and skill levels. From beginners all the way to the pros, the ShotTracker will produce and track your results.

What I Don’t Like About The ShotTracker

  • Smartphones Only

The ShotTracker only works with smartphones and must have either the android or apple store to download the app.

  • Counts All Shots

The ShotTracker records all shots, even if you didn’t take them. So you would need a basketball hoop to yourself for an accurate shooting percentage.

How I Use The ShotTracker

I am a basketball trainer, and I use the ShotTracker whenever I go train players or just shooting by myself. It makes my shooting drills so much easier and efficient. I am able to give myself or my players an accurate shooting percentage and give them specific spots on the floor where they need to get some extra shooting reps in.

By the way, I’m shooting a consistent 39% from the three point line. Pretty impressive, I know. I use to have to keep track of the makes and misses in my head which was always a pain because I would eventually lose count or forget the number that I was on.

So in all, the ShotTracker is legit and can be very beneficial to a basketball players skill development. It’s not one of those crappy basketball gadgets where you use it once and never use it again. I guarantee that you will take the ShotTracker* with you every time you go to the gym or to work on your game.

Should You Buy The ShotTracker?

The ShotTracker can be beneficial to anyone’s game who likes playing basketball. But, if your a serious a basketball player that is looking to improve their game, I would definitely recommend buying the ShotTracker.

It just makes your workouts more efficient and just eliminates the grunt work of trying to do it all in your head. Plus, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You get the return on your investment 10x over when you see the improvements in not only your shooting percentage, but your OVERALL GAME.


The ShotTracker For Basketball Gets The Next Level Hoops Stamp Of Approval

My Rating:    

I hope you enjoyed this ShotTracker For Basketball Review and encourage you to share this article with a friend. Also, I highly suggest you read “How To Increase Your Vertical For Basketball – Play Above The Rim“, so you can have the bounce to go along with the silky smooth jump shot. If you have any questions or want to share your own experience with the ShotTracker, leave a comment below. Love to hear.





10 thoughts on “Shot Tracker For Basketball Review – Everything You Need To Know

  1. I’m not a serious basketball player, I only play for fun and exercise, but I love gadgets and this one looks like a lot of fun. It also sounds like a great gift, I think I might purchase a couple around the holidays. The only question I have is how accurate it is?

  2. Boy do I wish I had one of these when I was coming up! While I am not the greatest player, I do love basketball.
    My niece has recently began to play and I would like to get her something basketball related as a Christmas gift for her.
    Would The ShotTracker be a good gift for a beginner? She is 11 years old, would this be something she could use to get started?

  3. Hi, Garrett. It is amazing the sophistication regarding technology with what is available to help a person in many industries. That would include basketball with the basketball shot tracker app that you reviewed in your article.

    As you stated you were a trainer for athletes in that particular sport, you made it known with your depth of knowledge that improving one’s shooting technique involves repetition at game speed. Shooting involves developing muscle memory, also a part of other sports- hitting a thrown baseball from a pitcher coming in at over 90 mph, with spin, in the sport of golf hitting the various shots, (including putting), hitting a 125 mph serve in tennis, and etc.

    Obviously the elite NBA players that you mentioned, Stephon Curry and Klay Thompson have become such elite shooters, (especially from long distance) coming from the result of muscle memory becoming ingrained within their physical beings and honed through years of practice.

    The rookie Lonzo Ball on my LA Lakers, besides the fact that he definitely needs to re-do his entire shooting stroke, would benefit by using this tracker app. I heard today that so far in this season, Ball’s shooting percentage is around 33%. That is pathetic!

    Great review on a very useful tool for helping a serious basketball player improve his/her shooting skills. The price at just under $150 is very fair for what this app can do for basketball players!


  4. It looks like Shot Tracker is a great tool. I really like the sleeve, because guys wear sleeves all the time, so training with this probably won’t bother you if you are used to wearing a sleeve. I see what you are talking about with it recording all shots taken. This would definitely be best if you have a hoop all to yourself.

    The Shot Tracker is a really cool tool. I like the fact that it comes with drills and virtual basketball camps. So many more tools today than when I was growing up :).

    Thanks for the post, great information!

  5. This sounds like a great ideaI I have often cheated to make my self believe I am a better shooter. I wonder if they are using these at the latest basketball camps for kids in the youth leagues. It sounds like it would be simple for kids, even younger kids with some adult help could use this. Is it capable of holding more than one session in memory, so you can compare you results as you improve? And kids would love competing against pro players! Thanks for this review, I never knew about this.

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