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Shooting is a crucial aspect of the game of basketball and it’s also one of the most challenging aspects to master. It takes proper shooting mechanics, a lot of repetitions, and patience to become an lights out shooter. Without those things your shot will be inconsistent and unreliable, so it’s important to learn the proper way to shoot a basketball.

If you apply these shooting tips for basketball into your jump-shot, you will be more consistent in your shooting and an increase in your shooting percentage.

Below are the MUST-KNOW 9 tips for shooting a basketball.

Top 9 Tips For Basketball Shooting

Tip #1: Confidence Is A MUST


You must have confidence when shooting. If you think your shot is not going to go in when you shoot it, that’s exactly whats going to happen.

Every time you shoot, you got to know it’s going in, even when it doesn’t. When you see great shooters like Stephan Curry shoot, they don’t put their heads down after they miss a shot because they know their next shot is going in.

That’s how your thought process should be if you want to improve your jump-shot. Basketball is 80% mental and 20% physical, it all starts with the mind.


Tip #2: Get Your Footwork Right

When shooting, it’s key to always be on balance. If your not experienced with off-balanced shots like fade-away’s and spin jumpers, it usually results in an air-ball. ¬†Your shooting stance provides you with the balance you need for your shot.

All shooters foot-stance are not the same, some are aligned to the rim and some are positioned a little to the left or to the right of the rim.

Your feet should be stagnated when shooting. Meaning, one foot should be a little in-front of the other. For right handed shooters, their right foot is in-front of their left foot. And for left handed players, their left foot is in-front of their right foot.

Get in the gym and find out which shooting stance is most comfortable for you.


Tip #3: Square Yourself Up

Your body must be aligned with the rim so your shot can flow smoothly. From your waist and up, it all should be aligned to the rim. Your waist should be aligned with your shoulders, your shoulders should be aligned to the rim, and your back should be straight. This makes for the ball to go only in one direction, and you guessed it, towards the rim.


Tip #4: Ball Positioned On Fingertips

I see to many players nowadays who shoot the ball off their palm, and wonder why they hitting the side of the rim every time they shoot. When shooting, you got to spread your fingers and hold the ball on your fingertips. This gives you more control on your shot.

Key point. To know whether or not the ball is on your fingertips, you should have a little space between your palm and the ball.


Tip #5: Don’t Be Stiff, Bend Your Knees

The lower man in basketball always wins, this is also true when it comes to shooting a basketball. Bending your knees allows you to generate the power that’s need for your shot.

To be able to shoot from deep or have range in your shooting, you have to bend your knees and jump so you won’t force the power through your arms. When you see Stephan Curry swishing those jumpers from half-court, making it look so easy. He’s not forcing the power through his arms to make the shot; He’s bending his knees and jumping to generate the power needed to make the shot.

Also, jumping on your jump-shot allows you to make shots when your fatigued and your arms are tired.

It’s called a JUMP-shot for a reason. So jump.


Tip #6: Tuck The Bow

When the ball is in your shooting pocket, your shooting elbow should tucked into your body. This stops you from missing left and right, makes for a more accurate shot, and quickens your release.

Your elbow should be in and pointing to the middle of the rim. Some players shoot with there elbows out but that slows down your release time and makes it easier for the defense to guard you.

As you move up levels of competition, you want your jump-shot to be quick because defenders are more athletic and bigger. Plus, we all know how embarrassing it is to get your shot swatted into the stands.


Tip #7: Snap The Bow

When releasing the ball on your jump-shot, your elbow should be fully extended, above, and towards the rim.

The full extension allows for your shot not to fall short and hit the front of the rim or air-ball. Above the rim allows for your shot to get the proper arc so you can hit nothing but net. Towards the rim obliviously allows for your shot to be on target, which is the how point of learning how to shoot.

Having full extension on the elbow is a key aspect when it comes to knocking down shots.


Tip #8: Flick Of The Wrist

As your reaching the peak of your jump-shot and the ball is rolling off your fingers, you should snap your wrist. This gives the ball rotation and adds more arc to your shot. Your wrist should be loose and floppy upon release of the basketball.


Tip#9: Hold Your Follow Through

No matter if you miss or make the shot, you must hold your follow through. This creates muscle memory and builds confidence in your shot.

Your shot mechanics will become automatic and you’ll see your shots fall more often if you hold you follow through. One thing all great shooters have in common, they all hold there follow through after they shoot, even if they miss. Don’t matter how ugly your shot is, if you hold your follow through towards the rim, your going to make more shots.

This is a major key when it comes to improving your jump-shot.


The Bottom Line

A jump-shot is like an fingerprint, they’re all different.

What may work for another basketball player, may not work for you. That’s why you must take it upon yourself to get in the gym and find out what works and what doesn’t. But if you apply these basketball shooting tips into your shot, I guarantee your shot percentage will increase and you will be a more consistent basketball shooter.

I hope you enjoy this article on shooting tips for basketball, and I encourage you to share this article. If you have any questions or want to share your own experience, leave an comment below. Check out my review on the #1 basketball program in the world, click HERE.

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  1. Hi David,thanks for sharing the 9 tips to improve the basketball shooting technique. I learn a lot from reading it. I agree with your statement of 80% confidence, 20% physical in shooting. I personally did experience this before, whereby when I have a slight doubt about my shot, the shot will never go in. I didn’t realize the importance of follow through in building the muscle memory. I shall try this out some day

  2. I have played basketball since young and recently, I have been looking for ways to improve my shooting. Hence, really glad to find your article!
    After reading, many of the tips are new to me and hence really learnt a lot from it.
    I am bookmarking your page as I find it very useful for me.
    Thanks and looking forward to your next article!

  3. Hello,

    Awesome post about shooting tips for a basketball player. There are many training posts out there but yours was very informative.

    As a beginner basketball player. Does it matter on the style of shoe you wear. Is it imperative that you use basketball shoes?

    I have passed this article along to all of my basketball friends.


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