Preparation For A Basketball Game – Preparing To Dominate

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“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”, those are the five P’s to live by. Your performance in a game is solely based on what you did behind the scenes to prepare yourself.

Before game time, you should be preparing yourself both mentally and physically. What I mean by that is getting you mind primed and ready for what lies ahead. Your body should be warmed and you should be already breaking a sweat.

If you don’t take preparation for a basketball game seriously, your preparing to fail.

Warming Up For A Basketball Game

Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is an major key when preparing for a basketball game. But, your never supposed to stretch a cold muscle, that’s how you tear something.

Dynamic stretching uses on-the-move exercises to improve range of motion and prevent injuries. By engaging multiple muscle groups at one time, it increases your heart rate and blood flow for peak performance. For example, high knee exercise activates the entire leg, strengthen hip flexors, and triggers the core muscles. All in one exercise.

Stretching is not something you take lightly, it has significant impact on your performance and feel for the game. So take 10-15 minutes doing dynamic stretches, you’ll notice how good your body feels when it comes to game time.

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Nervousness and fears can kill your confidence when preparing for a basketball game. Without confidence, you have no chance of success on the court.

Meditation minimizes your fears and self doubts by clearing your mind and just focusing on the present moment. The reason why you want to stay present in the moment is because their are no fears or self doubts. It’s just you performing the activity. Fear and self doubt only exist when your thinking about the past or the future, unless your actually faced with danger. But their are no real dangers on the basketball court.

When your present in the moment your, able to play within the flow of the game and make smarter decisions. So spend some time meditating before games, whether its for 5 or 10 minutes. It can make all the difference.

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Visualization is one of the most underrated but highly effective techniques when preparing for an basketball game. Visualization is just a mental rehearsal of the success you want to achieve in whatever activity that your doing.

When visualizing you want to be as detailed as possible, using all of your five senses. For example, lets say you play the point guard position. You would visualize yourself running the offense, setting your teammates up for open shots, and making smart plays with the basketball. When it comes to game time you already know what’s going to happen, all you have to do is execute.

So take 5-10 minutes before the game visualizing the success you want to have on the court. It may seem blurry at first, but visualization is a skill. It gets clearer and more vivid with time and consistent practice. You’ll notice a major increase in your CONFIDENCE and CONSISTENCY on the basketball court.


Know The Competition

What’s your opponents dominate hand? Where do they like to shoot from? What are they weaknesses? Do they like shoot 3 pointers or attack the basket?

Knowing your opponents tendencies and style of play can give you the upper advantage in the game. You’ll be able to anticipate and counter their moves more quickly because you already know what they’re about to do. For example, if you see that your opponent is an spot-up shooter and only likes to shoot 3 pointers. You could play tight on him and make him uncomfortable by having him create shots off the dribble.

It’s like having the answers to the test, but in sports, it ain’t cheating. So whether it comes from watching film or the scouting report, know what your opponents can and can’t do.


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Know Yourself

I see this all the time in basketball games even in the NBA, players try to show out and do something they know they can’t do. Then just end up embarrassing themselves. They’re not only hurting themselves but the team also.

In a basketball game, you want to play to your strengths not your weaknesses. Practice is the time where you step out your comfort zone and work on your weaknesses, not in the game. So it’s important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are on the court.

You don’t see Lebron James trying to shoot 3 pointers from half court like Stephan Curry, he knows what he’s capable of and plays within his game. That’s why he’s one of the most dominate basketball players of all-time.

Stick to your strengths in the game, and work your weaknesses in practice until they become your strengths.


Getting A Feel For The Game

Their called warm-up drills for a reason. To warm-up the body, get that heart rate pumping, blood flowing, and get a sweat going.

When you and your team is doing layup lines or whatever warm-up drill ya’ll do before games, do it game speed. Going through the motions in warm-up drills is the quickest way to start off the game sluggish and off-beat. Then when you eventually find your rhythm, it may be to late to win the game. If you watch professional basketball players warm-up, it’s almost like their doing a “mini workout” before games. They’re covered in sweat and fired up. That’s how you know they ready for the game.

So take warm-up drills as serious as you take the basketball game. The key to winning is to always be ready so you won’t have to get ready.



The Bottom Line

The most successful basketball players are also the most prepared basketball players. You can always tell the difference between prepared players and mediocre players. They’re game looks smoother, they more confident, they make smarter decisions, and overall just better than the competition.

So if your a serious basketball player take pride and joy in your preparation for a basketball game both in practice and minutes before games. I hope you enjoyed this article and that you share with others or on social media. If you have any questions or want to share your own preparation for a basketball game, leave an comment below.

4 thoughts on “Preparation For A Basketball Game – Preparing To Dominate

  1. This is great information! I havee always heard conflicting opinions on certain warm ups and I feel like this has clarified some of the confusion. The main one being when to stretch. The biggest question I still have would be is it best to stretch after a short warm up or after a full session?

    1. Its always best to stretch before and after for any activity that you do to prevent injuries and increase range of motion

  2. I like your opening statement because it’s so true and it applies to everything in life, not just basketball or sports. My kids are on dance teams and I’ve always believed it was the hard work they put in at practice that helped them win all the competitions.

    I really love this article because it gets into some things that most people don’t think of. Most people are only concerned with drills but yes, visualizing yourself winning and meditating can help a lot.

    I have a nephew who is planning to try out for the basketball team this year. I’m going to forward the link to this article to him because it will definitely help.

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