How To Shoot A Basketball Accurately – Learn To Shoot The Lights Out!

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To learn How To Shoot A Basketball Accurately, it all starts with what is most comfortable for YOU.

I see basketball coaches and trainers all the time tell their player’s “you need to shoot like this” or “you need to shoot like that”. This is completely FALSE. You do what works best for you. All that matters is if the ball goes into the hole or not.

For example, there are ton of great shooters in the NBA such as Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, but they all don’t have the same exact shooting form. They all shoot the ball the way that works for them.

BUT there are some key ideas to keep in mind that will make you a better shooter and will increase your shooting percentage. Take a look at them below.

1.Shooter’s Mindset

Before the ball even touch a shooter hands, they already know in their minds that they’re going to make this next shot. If they miss that next shot, they automatically think “It’s okay, I will make the next one”.

This type of mindset and positive thinking is what keeps shooter’s like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson shooting the basketball, and enter mental zones where it seems like they just can’t miss a shot. Every shot they take you know and they absolutely know it’s going in.

To become a better shooter, you must believe that your shot is going in and don’t get down on yourself if it doesn’t. Forget about the missed shot and give confidence to your next shot attempt.

Your shooting percentage will AUTOMATICALLY improve if you adapt into this way of thinking.

2.Keep An Eye On The Target

As your catching the basketball, your eyes should be locating and locking onto the rim. A lot of basketball coaches and trainers teach that you should aim for the front or the back of the rim.

The problem with that is if you aim for the front of the rim, your shot is more likely to be short and flat. If you aim for the back of the rim, your shot is more likely to be long and hard.

So you want to focus in on that sweet spot right in the MIDDLE of the rim.

That is where your shot is most likely to go in and be nothing but net (hopefully not an airball lol).

3.The Base Of Your Footwork

Your shooting stance is KEY when knocking down shots because your shot starts from the ground up. When it comes to shooting stance, once again, it’s all about what’s COMFORTABLE for you.

Some coaches say your feet should be squared to the basket and others say you can turn them a little to the left or to the right of the basket, whichever one is works for you.

Just as long as your upper body is squared to the basket, you can shoot a straight-line shot.

So get in the gym and try out different shooting stances and find out which one works best for you.

4.Shooting Pocket

The shot pocket is the starting point of your shot. I see a lot of players that start their shot pocket to high (around their shoulder) which creates a slower shooting release and a hitch in their shot.

You want to start your shot pocket around your hip so that your legs and the ball can uncoil at the same time and you get that upward momentum for your shot.

This makes for a smoother release and it’s easier for it to convert to muscle memory.

5.Hand Positioning

There is no one perfect way to put your hand on the basketball when shooting. Some shooters put their hand behind the basketball, hand on top of the basketball, and hand on the side of the basketball.

But the ball should rest on your fingerpads and your fingers should spread out along the seams. Have some space between your palm and the ball so the basketball can have good rotation when releasing.

Your guide hand should always be on the side of the ball. It shouldn’t have any affect on the flight of the ball or it’s rotation. The guide hand should ALWAYS be the first hand to come off the ball when shooting.

Get in the gym and find out which hand position works best for you with no hitches or pauses in your shot.

6.Load Up

The ball should move in a straight line upwards from your shot pocket while keeping your elbow tucked in under the ball.

Use the upward momentum to keep the ball in front of you. You don’t want the ball going behind your head which makes for an inconsistent shot.

Your legs and the ball should both uncoil at the same time so the ball can reach your set point as your toes are leaving the ground. Giving that power and lift needed for your shot.

Your shooting elbow and wrist should all be aligned with the basket.

7.Follow Through

Release the ball on your way up, not coming down.

As your releasing the ball, your guide should be coming off with having no affect on your shot. Your shooting hand should be in a direct line to the rim while the ball is rolling off your fingertips to create backspin for a silky smooth shot.

Once the ball has left your shooting hand, your wrist should be relaxed and floppy.

Your shooting elbow should finish at your eyebrow to ensure good arc on your shot, fingers pointing down into the rim, and hold your follow-through till the ball hits the rim.

8.Rep It Out

The key to learning is through tons of repetitions.

Get in the gym and work on your shooting form by shooting every shot with the same exact form. EVERY TIME. This will build muscle memory in your shot and soon you will be able to shoot with proper form without even thinking about it.

Don’t even worry about makes and misses, just focus on using proper form on every shot attempt, and soon you’ll start seeing them shots fall.

I know all this information can get overwhelming, but there are TONS of effective shooting gadgets out to help you improve your jump shot and increase your shooting percentage. Check out all of them in the link below.

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The Bottom Line

The best shooters in the game such as Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, they all wasn’t born automatically knowing how to swish a three pointer. It seems like they were, but they wasn’t.

They was in the gym CONSTANTLY grinding at their shooting form until it became apart of them. Remember, shooters are MADE not born.

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6 thoughts on “How To Shoot A Basketball Accurately – Learn To Shoot The Lights Out!

  1. Great site! As a basketball coach I understand what your saying. When shooting the ball, I was taught to lock in on the front of the rim and put the ball in the air. Worked well for me. I teach both locking in on the heel of the rim and front of the rim, depending on the individual. Shooting for the Center or empty space of the rim is an interesting fact being that there is nothing there to really lock your eyes on. Curry emphasizes locking his eye on the front of the rim where the net connects to the rim, which works best for him. Would you recogmend a middle school or high school athlete to lock in on the center of the rim? I agree with you on shooting form and feet. I don’t really change shooting form unless the individual is just that bad. Otherwise I help them to become more consistent with what they have already developed. At most I will make an adjust in the feet, otherwise repetition and confidence is the key to success.

    1. Exactly, shooting comes down to what is most comfortable you. I wold recommend aiming at the center of the rim for young players because they tend to have bad arc in there shots. 

  2. Wow what a great article about shooting hoops!

    My niece is 11 and she is in her second year of playing. Needless to say she has a lot to learn!
    i am definitely going to use you tips to help her.

    I see that you recommend the Shooters academy. is that a one time payment or is it a monthly membership fee?

  3. I appreciate this site, I’m not a basketball coach I played football, My nephew loves basketball and is always asking me to teach him like I teach other kids football. I can take these points, and practice them with him. Ill become a better shooter he will become a better shooter. Look forward to more suggestions and tips.

    1. Glad I can help. If you really want to help your nephew improve his basketball skills. I recommend The Scoring Academy. It is the number 1 online basketball training program on the internet and has all the necessary workouts for your nephew to grow into a complete basketball player. 

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