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The fall season is among us, and that means Varsity basketball tryouts are beginning to crank up. They’re a lot of players trying to snag those select few spots on the team, so it’s definitely a challenge of survival of the fittest.

But with these How To Make The Varsity Basketball Team tips I give you below, you will for sure be able to separate yourself from the pack.

Speak Up

You can talk for hours on your cell phone, social media, text messaging, and plenty other off court matters. But, when it comes to stepping between those lines, players rarely have anything to say.

A lot of players are not vocal simply because they’re “too cool”. The thing is that, coaches takes notice of players that are vocal and enthusiastic.

They see that as leadership qualities that will help the coach convey their messages to the team better and uplift them when faced with adversity. Be the player that hands out ‘high fives’ to their teammates and encourages them to do better during drills and exercises.

You will certainly catch the coaches attention when your the loudest player in the gym.

Be The Hardest Worker On The Court

This should be a no brainer for you. One thing coaches will always appreciate is EFFORT. The reason why is because it is not the coaches job to make a player go hard, they either want it for themselves or don’t.

If you’re putting out maximum effort every time you step on the court, a coach will feel as if you can contribute to the team. You don’t always have to be the biggest or the most skilled player.

Coaches take notice of the players that is diving on the floor for lose balls, taking charges, running the sprints hard, making every rep count in the drills, and many other things that require NO SKILL at all.

Just tell yourself before the tryout or practice that “I will not let anyone outwork me today”, and then follow through with it.


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Play To Your Strengths

Doing what you do best on the court is key. If you can’t shoot three pointers, don’t go out on the court thinking you’re Stephen Curry. If you can’t handle ball that well, don’t go out there trying to dribble the ball behind your back and between your legs.

You work on your weaknesses and those aspects of the game on your own time.

When trying to impress coaches, scouts, or make a team it’s all about playing within yourself. For example, if your good at getting rebounds. Focus on boxing your man out and crashing the boards, not trying to shoot three pointers from the wing.

That way you will make a lasting impression on the coach and they’ll know exactly how you can contribute to the team.

Be A Team Player

Their is always that one basketball player that goes into tryouts thinking they got it all and let their egos get the best of them. They shoot every time they touch the ball or refuse to play in the team concept, and that is why they are usually the first one cut. Don’t be that guy or girl.

Basketball is a team sport, not just one player trying to do it all by themselves. It should be enjoyable for everyone, not just a couple of players.

Go into tryouts with a “we mindset” not a “me mindset”. Make impact plays other than shooting the basketball like making the extra pass to the open teammate or helping them up when they get knocked down. These type of plays can go a long way with the coach and players.

Defense Is A Major Key

Defense is an aspect of the game that requires very little skill, but maximum effort. You may not be able to control how many three pointers you make, but you can always control your defensive intensity, effort, and execution.

If you’re able to go into a tryout or practice and lock up the best player on the court, coaches will guarantee you a spot on the team. The reason why is because coaches know that defense is every bit as important as offense.

First One There, Last One To Leave

Get to the gym early and prepare yourself for the practice or tryout. Do some stretches to get loose, get some game shots up, and get a sweat going. You will be primed and ready while they are just managing to put their shoes on. When the practice or tryout is over with and all the other players leaving, stay afterwards to get some extra shots up.

This tip will not only improve your game, but it will show your coach that you’re an hard worker and is serious about making the team. The old saying is true in this case, “The early bird gets the worm”.

Be Coachable

No coach wants to coach a player that thinks they knows it all, it doesn’t matter if your an average player or an 5-star recruit. Coaches just don’t have the time or energy to put up with it. You can’t grow as a arrogant basketball player because you think you know and got it all. Coaches want to teach coachable players because they still have room to grow.

When the coach or referee makes a bad call, just brush it off and move onto the next play. If the coach is yelling at you, there is no need to snap back at him or argue. Just understand what they’re saying and fix it. All coaches appreciates this.

Confidence Is Everything

Confidence is a must have in the game of basketball. It is the product of hard work and preparation. If you shoot a shot thinking “I’m not going to make it”, more than likely, that is exactly what’s going to happen.

So it’s best to stay in a positive and optimistic mind frame about your tryout. Thinking to yourself that “This is going to be very fun” or “This is going to be a great tryout for me”, without being arrogant or cocky about it. Having supreme confidence lets you unlock your full potential as a basketball player.

The Bottom Line

Basketball tryouts can produce a lot of nerves for players, but you have to remember that you started playing basketball because you have fun playing the game. So don’t make it more than what it is.

If you don’t make the team with these How To Make The Varsity Basketball Team tips, it’s not the end of the world. You just use it as motivation to better your overall game.

Even Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all-time, got cut from his high school varsity basketball team. So just lick your wounds and find a basketball trainer or an online basketball skills program to help you take your game to the next level.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to share it with a friend. If you have any questions or want to share your results, leave an comment below. Love to hear.


4 thoughts on “How To Make The Varsity Basketball Team – Next Level Hoops

  1. I love the points you made here. My son is going to try out for the middle school team. He has been practicing at the house and is a good shot. He really works hard at it, but is shy. I will work with him to be vocal and show that he is coachable as you have described here.
    He is not the best at 3 pointers, but can shoot good from the foul line and good at layups. He handles the ball very well and is okay rebounding the ball. He will dive for it.
    What advice would you give for a 6th grader – he just wants to make the team and play like he did is elementary school. He is not a show off, and is not a ball hog. Should he just give it all he has got?

    1. Don’t ever be afraid to fail so he should always go for it. Just make sure he plays to his strengths and plays with confidence. You should invest into a basketball program for him that way he won’t ever have to worry about tryouts because he already be the man on the team. I recommend The Scoring Academy, it’s the #1 Online Basketball Training Platform in the world.

      Check It Out Here

  2. I have never been a basketball fan. It stems from an accident I had in PE class oh so many years ago when we were playing basketball. Anyway, I think these are great things that any athlete can use to succeed in whatever sport they do. This is a great list you have and I agree 100%. I do think that any sport is good for kids. It is sad that so many these days, don’t do any at all.

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