How To Improve Your Jump Shot In Basketball | Shooting Skills And Tips

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Being able to shoot in basketball is important because you score more points, help your team win, and it makes the defense play you honest.

Elite defensive players tend to play off of Non-shooters when they are out on the perimeter because they know that they’re not a threat from there.

So the defense would rather defend the drive than the jump shot. When you can shoot the basketball accurately, the defense has no choice but to play up on you or they will be giving up an open shot.

To learn How To Improve Your Jump Shot In Basketball, it’s all about correct shot mechanics and what works best for you. Check out MY BEST shooting tips that will help you to knock-down more shots.

Square Up

Squaring your body up to the basket is the first MAJOR KEY when it comes to improving your accuracy and becoming a more consistent shooter.

When you catch the ball for a shot, you want your chest to be squared to the basket. If your chest is off to the right or left of the basketball, it is a very good chance that is where the ball is going.

As your getting ready to release the basketball, you want to have your shooting elbow, shooting shoulder, and shooting hip in a DIRECT-LINE to the rim.

When you do that it is going to be a straight shot rather than a side-to-side shot.

Shooting Stance

I hear a lot of coaches preach 10 toes to the rim when shooting which is cool if it works for you.

But if you have a slight turn in your feet, it enables your shooting shoulder to NATURALLY fall right in alignment with the rim.

Elite shooters like Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving all shot with a slight turn in their feet which helps them get their upper body squared to the basket and gives them a SMOOTH one-motion shot.

Now, each shooter is different. Some shooters like their feet slightly turned a little to the left or right of the basket (Depending on their dominant hand), others like their feet to be pointed towards the basket.

So get in the gym and find out which shooting stance is most COMFORTABLE for you.

Hand In Cookie Jar

‘Hand in the cookie jar’ is an old basketball saying that means to finish with your hand in the hoop on your follow through.

This seems like common sense when shooting, but it’s an important factor that a lot of basketball players forget.

I see it all the time where players will shoot the ball and finish with their follow through off to the side, across their face, or don’t even have a follow through at all. Then wonder why they shot not going in.

What you want to do is finish with your follow through at your eyebrow for good arc on your shot, fingers pointing down, and imagine that your putting your hand inside the hoop.

This will ENSURE that ball is going to the rim and it will increase your shooting percentage.

Trigger Finger

The trigger finger is the last finger to touch and guide the basketball on your shooting release. There are really 3 options when it comes to trigger finger release:

  • Middle finger release
  • Index finger release
  • Split finger release

It doesn’t matter what trigger finger option you decide to use, you just want to keep the fingers in the middle of the basketball when shooting.

This will give the ball that NEEDED backspin and help it fly straight to the rim.

If your trigger finger is off to the side of the ball, you guessed it, the ball will begin to slide in that direction. That is why players sometimes miss left or right of the rim when shooting.

To find out what trigger finger you are, you should record your shooting form, play it back in slow motion, and find out which finger is last to touch the ball.

Once you find out, just make a mental note of to always keep that finger in the middle of the basketball when shooting.

One Hand Shooting

As players move up in levels in basketball, they began to take deeper shots and some beyond the 3 point line which requires extra power.

So inexperienced players begin to shoot the basketball with 2 hands to give them that extra strength they need.

The problem with shooting the basketball with 2 hands is that it can throw the flight direction off of the ball and make for inconsistent shooting.

So it’s ESSENTIAL to have a one hand shot because that is going to keep everything in a straight line towards the basket.

As the ball starts to leave your hand on the release, you want to have your guide hand sliding off too, adding no force or spin to the shot.

Your guide hand should ALWAYS be on the side of the basketball, the first hand to come off when shooting, and have no influence on the flight of the ball.

If your able to shoot the ball with one hand, your shot will be more smoother and you’ll be more of a consistent shooter.

Quality Repetitions

The most important aspect when it comes to improving your jump shot is QUALITY REPS.

A lot of basketball players go into the gym and just shoot around. Shooting shots that they won’t see in the real game, not holding their follow-through on their shots, not shooting at game speed, etc… The only thing that creates is bad habits.

When you go to the gym to work on your game, shoot game shots at game speed, and shoot every shot with the same EXACT form.

This will build muscle memory in your shot and soon you’ll be able to shoot a jump shot with proper form without even thinking about it.

The Bottom Line

Shooters are not born, they are MADE. Elite shooters like Stephan Curry and Klay Thompson, they wasn’t born with that elite shooting ability.

They spent TONS and TONS of hours into the gym getting up 1000’s of quality repetitions and that is why they are unstoppable on the court.

So be patient and work hard when learning How To Improve Your Jump Shot In Basketball. The work will pay off.

If your really serious about taking your game to the next level which I know you are because you wouldn’t be reading this if you wasn’t, I recommend The Scoring Academy. Created by former professional basketball player, Augie Johnson.

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If you enjoyed this article, I encourage you to share with a friend or a teammate. Leave an comment below if you have any questions or want to share your own experience. I would love to hear.

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  1. Hi there,
    great article and very helpful. My son has joined a basket ball team and I will surely forward the link to him since he looking to improve his jump shot.
    I’m sure he will enjoy discovering your website as he is looking to improve his play
    Thank you for this helpful article

  2. Great advice! I find shooting consistently to be harder than shooting well, so I fully agree with you when you recommend repetitions! The advice I most often hear is ‘BEEF’- balance, eyes, elbow and flick, but I think your advice is even better! Do you agree with the ‘BEEF’ training for prospective shooters?

  3. Great article! I am a student and coach of girls basketball and you just taught me something. “Trigger finger”. Very interesting. I am always looking to learn something new to help me to improve as a coach and to assist my daughter with her game, making her the best she can be. I invested in a Shooting Strap which has performed wonders for her shot while minimizing her thumbing issue. I am looking to make her an even more accurate shooter. She averages 10 points per game with an all time high of 19 points in one game. Can you reference any drills for a better and smoother shot release?

    1. Form shooting and lots of quality game speed repetitions. If you want your daughter to average 19 points, I recommend The Scoring Academy. It is the #1 basketball training platform online and has all the necessary drills and scoring workouts to take her game to the next level and skyrocket her stats. Check it out in the link below.

      Link: The Scoring Academy 

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