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Basketball is not an equal opportunity sport. The players that work on improving their basketball skills the most, usually ends up being one of the better players.

The difference between an average basketball player and a elite basketball player isn’t height, weight, or size.

Of course, those aspects play a part in being a player, but the main difference is the amount of work spent working on their basketball skills.

Average basketball players are satisfied with their skill set and feel as if their game doesn’t need improvement. But elite basketball players are never satisfied.

They know that their is ALWAYS room for improvement and constantly strive for it.

If you really want to learn How To Improve Your Basketball Game, you have to be willing to INVEST in yourself.

You can start by reading these 7 VITAL tips that will for sure put you in the best position to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s pretty obvious why practice would be at the top of the list because without practice there is no improvement.

Practice can be the bridge between yourself and that elite basketball player you dream of being.

When your practicing, you are using your current skill set and building upon them. Strengthening them. Working on moves and shots that you never thought you could be able to do or even make.

But you can’t just practice for one day and feel like you accomplished something.

You have to practice CONSISTENTLY and that’s where you really start to see your skill level SKYROCKET.

The basketball game will seem easier to you, your making and taking more shots, you’re more confident in your abilities on the court, etc…

Simply put, practice is the difference maker between average, good, and elite basketball players.

2. Watching Film

Elite basketball players like Stephen Curry or Kobe Bryant not only spend hours on the court improving their skills,  but they also spend hours in the film room studying the game.

Watching film is one of the simplest ways to improve your basketball IQ because your learning from mistakes and turnovers made on the court, discovering new moves to do in different defensive situations, and training your mind to be more aware in the court.

When your watching film, you want to watch film on both your games and professional players that are similar to your play style.

For example, if your considered a shooter on your basketball team, you want to watch highlights on pros that are shooters like Klay Thompson or JJ Redick.

It is also a MAJOR KEY to sweat the details. What I mean by that is watch the little things they do like their footwork going into a shot or how they shoot coming off screens.

Take what you learned and apply it to your workouts so it can become natural for you in the real game.

3. Training The Mind

Most of us heard the old saying that Basketball is 80% mental and 20% physical which is completely TRUE.

Training the mind gives the ability to basketball players to go into that zone where it seems like they just can’t miss a shot, staying cool, calm, and collective in pressure situations, and to stand strong when faced with adversity.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would meditate before all their games to clear their mind so that they can play in the moment and just let their scoring instincts takeover.

Meditation is a great technique of mental training because it lets you clear out all the thoughts in your head and focus in on the present moment.

How To Meditate:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down
  2. Begin to close your eyes and breath naturally
  3.  Focus your attention on your breath whether it’s the sound of it or the way your body inhales and exhales.
  4. I recommend meditating for 5-10 minutes before a game or everyday.

Note: You will get distracted by random thoughts, just focus your attention back on your breath. It may seem difficult at first, but you get better with consistent practice.

4. Train To Become More Athletic

Being athletic is an advantage no matter what sport you play whether it be volleyball, track, football, or swimming. Some athletes are naturally gifted with athleticism, and others have to work towards it.

When it comes to basketball, being athletic can make up for the areas you lack in your game. For example, if your a short basketball player for your position but you can jump with the best of them.

That means even though your considered short you can still get rebounds, contest jump shots, block shots, and whatever else you need to do to help your team win.

To improve your athleticism you want to do strength workouts that focuses on strengthening your lower body and training your fast twitch muscle fibers.

Your fast-twitch muscle fibers are the muscle fibers that helps you with your on-court quickness and getting up off the ground.

Check out these workouts in the link below that you can do at home to increase your vertical and improve your overall athleticism.

LINK–> Home Exercises To Improve Vertical Jump

5. Know Yourself

The most efficient way to make improvements in your basketball game is to know your strengths and weaknesses.

You want to have a good idea of what you can do (Strengths) and what you can’t do (Weaknesses) on the basketball court.

The most common weaknesses among amateur basketball players is their off-hand.

Players tend to only want to dribble, pass, and finish at the rim with their dominant hand. But as you move up in levels of competition, your off-hand has to be just as strong as your dominant hand, especially if you’re a point guard or combo guard.

So get a pen and paper out and write out your top 5 strengths and top 5 weaknesses.

Once you figure out your weaknesses, you want to center your workouts around improving your weaknesses turning them into your strengths.

6. Play Against Better Players

You’ve probably heard this thousand’s of times throughout your basketball career, but playing against better basketball players really does make you a better player.

When your playing against better players the game is much faster then what your used to, so your improving both on offense and defense.

On offense, your figuring out what moves work and what moves don’t work. Learning new dribble moves and shot techniques from other players that you can implement into your game.

On defense, your defending better basketball players so you really have to focus in on staying in front of your man and making things hard for them.

So next time you go play pickup basketball, try to play with better competition. It will pay off in the long run.

7. Find A Trainer

Nobody that has ever been successful has ever did it on their own, their is always one person helping them to get to where they want to go.

It would be very difficult to improve your basketball skills on your own, so it would be a smart investment to get a basketball trainer.

But you want to find a trainer that actually knows the game of basketball, played at the highest levels, and doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to train with them.

Not one of those fraud trainers that gets all their drills and workouts off of YouTube.

I know such basketball trainers are hard to find, so my number 1 recommendation is The Scoring Academy.

It is the top rated basketball training platform on the INTERNET. Created by former professional basketball player, Augie Johnson.

It has basketball scoring workouts, step-by-step instructional videos, off-season and in-season basketball programs so you can improve your game year-around.

Everything the dedicated basketball player like you needs in their training to take their overall game to the NEXT LEVEL.

The Academy works for all skill levels, so it does not matter if your a complete beginner or an experienced basketball player. You don’t believe me? Click HERE to read the tons of player testimonials.

On top of all that, its AFFORDABLE. So you get professional level training without being charged an arm and a leg to become a member.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get frustrated or down on yourself if your not seeing the improvements in your game right away.

The transformation from being an average basketball player to an elite basketball player doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistent hard work and practice over a period of time to get your game to that level.

I hope you enjoyed this article on How To Improve Your Basketball Game and encourage you to share it with a friend or teammate.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experience, just leave an comment below. Love to hear.

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8 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Basketball Game | Become The Best Player On Your Team

  1. I am so glad I came across this article on how to become the best player on my team. I am a basketball player in high school, and next year is my senior year, and I am in a competitive spot for the point guard position. I realize that I must invest time into studying and learning about the game outside of practice and high school. Most importantly, I must train the mind, to stay focus, and present in the game, so I will definitely meditate. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and I will come back for more information!

  2. I really appreciate your great articles. I was reading this with my son whom I told you in one your articles he is playing basketball. This one is just great. Watching the film and training the mind I think are the greatest tools you give him here and he will definitely start doing it.
    Thank you very much. Your website is our go to.

  3. My brother just got injured like few months ago and he is diagnosed with partial acl tear. This made him so depressed. He wanna plays basketball so bad but our mom doesn’t let him because of his knee. Do you think that he could be able to improve his basketball game or play basketball in general? I want to help him but I don’t know what to do. By the way I really appreciate your article which I found very informative and helpful.

    1. He should do mental training such as visualization and meditation to strengthen his mind so he can stay in the right mindset and be prepared for his comeback. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  4. I really found this article insightful. I stumbled across it incidentally. Not a basketball player myself (marathon runner) however I think many lessons you have shared can be applied to basketball, other sports or life which is great.
    You seem to be a great coach/trainer as you are identifying areas that are not all about the skills.
    However I love the part on playing against better players benchmarking and challenging ourselves leads to greatness.
    I am looking forward to going through other areas of your site to expand my learning.
    All the best with it. Laura

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