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All basketball players want to have value and contribute to their team success. It’s just human nature to be valued and recognized for our efforts. You don’t have to score a lot of points or make flashy plays to be a key player on your team, just focus on the little things which can be improved upon almost instantly.

There is tremendous value in the little things that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet but everyone takes notice. These tips I share with you on how to get better at basketball will instantly improve your game and productivity on your team.


1. Take Quality Shots

Good scorers will always have a spot on the floor, they know when and where to get their shots. The key to being a good scorer is to eliminate difficult and contested shots, and to shoot more easy and open shots. Use back-cuts, screen and rolls, coming off picks, and other moving without the ball techniques to get easy shots which results in easy points for you. By doing this, your confidence will grow and people will notice how much of a better scorer you are.


2. Know Your Weaknesses

You must know yourself and your game to be an efficient basketball player. If you know you can’t shoot the 3 pointer that well (Read Proper Shooting Technique), step in some into mid-range. If you know you can’t handle the ball that well (Read Advance Dribbling Drills), let someone with better handles dribble and create shots for you. Basketball games is not the place where you want to work or try a new move, you do that in practices and scrimmages. During games, you want to play only to your strengths. That’s Law.


3. Be A Defensive Stopper

Playing defense doesn’t require any talent or elite skill set, all it takes is effort… and effort is 100% within your control. A lock-down defender will always be on the floor, even if their offensive game is average. Getting steals, deflections, altered shots, etc… all that can lead to easy offensive points. Just take pride on defense, it doesn’t require significant training or practice. It just requires dedication and effort.


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4. Be Vocal

Communication is under-valued in today’s basketball players, but it could be the difference between winning and losing. Communication is key on defense, making sure you and your team is on the same page to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to stop the opposing team from scoring. You should be the most vocalist person on the court, both in practice and games. Your team chemistry will improve and your coach will look to you more as a leader.


5. Be Aggressive

Every coach loves an aggressive player, a player that isn’t afraid to get hit or dish one out. You can instantly be a better rebounder, defender,  screener, scorer, etc… if you just decide to be aggressive. I’m not talking about going out trying to start a fight, just being aggressive within the rules of basketball. Being aggressive on offense and defense will immediately make you harder to match up against.


6. Effort Is Key

Effort is something a coach should never have to teach, it should already be known. You can be one of the worst players on the team, but if your willing to learn and work hard, a good coach will work with you. You should be the hardest worker in practice and games. Whether it going hard in drills at practice or diving on the floor for loose balls during games, it won’t go unrecognized. Not only will you get better at basketball, but your coach will respect you more as a person and a player.



Everyone wants to be the best player on the court, however, you can’t just dominate a game offensively and defensively at will. It takes patience, hard work, and dedication to get that type of authority. But, you can improve your game instantly with these tips on how to get better at basketball. I hope you enjoyed and share this article. If you have any questions or want to share your own personal experience, leave an comment below.


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3 thoughts on “How To Get Better At Basketball INSTANTLY – Next Level Hoops

  1. Great tips on how to become better at basketball. I’f never been very good at basketball. You give some really simple but tips I never even thought about. The tips are great to understand for beginners like me. So I’m definitely going to remember your tips the next tim I play basketball.

  2. Thank you for this article. I understand and like basketball though no idea how to teach my kids how to be good at it. After reading this I think I will be able to help them out a lot more as they are young boys and this seems like an easy article to start to help them more thank you.

    1. If you really want to take your boys skill level to the next level. I recommend The Scoring Academy, it’s the #1 online basketball skills training platform. Filled with step-by-step instruction videos, workouts, scoring tips, etc… All the tools your sons will need to become the star player on their team.

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