How To Dribble A Basketball Faster – YOYO Handles!

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It’s important for all guards, especially point guards, to have a quick and snappy handle.

Having that explosive handle gives them the ability to read and react to the defense faster, make their moves quicker, transition from different dribble moves smoothly, and more importantly, leave their defender in the DUST.

Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are not CRAZY athletic and relatively undersized for their position, so they use their quick and shifty handle as a weapon to create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

The problem with having a slow handle is that it’s going to take the ball longer to come back up so a player can’t react or make a move as fast to however the defense is playing them.

So Below are the 4 MUST-KNOW tips on How To Dribble A Basketball Faster.

Tip #1: Pound The Rock

The first MAJOR KEY to getting a faster handle is to dribble the ball harder while under control. The harder you put the ball down, the quicker it comes back up. That’s a little lesson of physics for you.

I watch a lot of players when their doing dribbling drills or even dribbling in games, they dribble all cool and casual like they know they got their handles on a string, but be surprised when the defense PEELS them and goes down the court to score the easy bucket.

The thing about pounding the ball is that the ball is in your hands more which makes it harder for the defense to steal it from you.

So in your training and ball handling drills, POUND THE BASKETBALL. Doesn’t matter if you keep losing the ball, all that means is that your challenging yourself.

Then when you get in the real basketball games, dribbling the ball hard will feel NATURAL to you.

Tip#2: Grip The Ball

The fingertips are always the first and last ones touch the ball.

You should always want to dribble with your fingertips instead of your palm because it gives you more power and control of the basketball.

For example, If your doing dribble moves while pounding the basketball with your palm, it would be very difficult to keep the ball in your hands because the ball will just slip off to the right or to the left of your hand.

Gripping the basketball keeps the ball right in middle of your hand and allows you to dribble harder.

The ball hog grip strengthener will strengthen your fingers so you can ENHANCE your grip on the basketball, check it out in the link below.

Link–> Ball Hog Gloves Hand Grip Strengthener Basketball Training Aid

Tip#3: Stay Low

The lower man always wins in basketball whether on offense or defense.

Staying low gives the ball less distance to travel from the ground to your hand which means that the ball is in your hands more and is increasing your dribbling speed.

The problem with staying low is that most players are not flexible enough to get that low. They either have too much tension in there hips where they can’t get that low or they can’t stay that low for a long time while dribbling

So it’s important to stretch those hips before you play basketball and before you go to bed. The stretches will loosen up the hips so you will be able to get low and STAY LOW.

Hip Mobility Stretches

  • Hip Rotations Stretch 

  1. Lie down on your back with both of your knees bent
  2. Cross either ankle over the opposite bent knee
  3. Move in and out of the stretch to feel a pull in your hip flexors
  • Butterfly Stretch

  1. Sit up with your feet pressed together with your hands
  2. Move your heels closer to your groin while
  3. Press your knees downward towards the ground while keeping your lower back straight

Tip#4: Scan The Floor

It’s always important to keep your eyes up and be scanning the floor while dribbling because the game of basketball is fast.

What might be open for an opportunity to score can be close within the next second and every chance to put the ball in the hole matters in the game.

Playing basketball is all about reading and reacting.

First, reading how the defense is playing you whether it be pressure defense or playing off of you.

Then, reacting to how the defense is playing you by making to attack your defender.

Your dribble moves will become faster because your brain will be working like a super computer to make the right play.

So keep your eyes up while dribbling so your brain can instantly make the right play whether it’s for you or your teammates.

They also have dribbling goggles that forces you to keep your eyes up while dribbling, you can check them out in the link below.

Link–> Basketball Dribbling Goggles

The Bottom Line

Learning How To Dribble A Basketball Faster doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get that handle lighten quick and on a string like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry.

But if you implement these 4 crucial tips I shared with you above, you will be well on your way to making defenders fall and breaking ankles.

If your really serious about improving your basketball handles and your overall game which I know you are because you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t.

I recommend The Scoring Academy, it is now the number 1 online basketball training platform on the INTERNET. Created by former professional basketball player Augie Johnson.

It has everything the dedicated basketball player needs to have the complete OFFENSIVE arsenal from ball handling workouts, shooting drills, attacking off the dribble, finishing around the rim, etc.

It got it all covered and is meant for players of all skill sets, so it doesn’t matter if your a complete beginner or an experienced player.

The Scoring Academy will improve your scoring instincts so you can score with EASE just like the pros do.

If you enjoyed this article, I encourage you to share it with a friend or a teammate. Leave an comment below if you have any questions or want to share your own experience. I would love to hear.

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  1. Another great article that I can use to help my youngest niece. She is new to basketball and needs all the help she can get.
    However I am not exactly a basketball star myself, so your articles have come in very handy!
    Can you tell me if the Scoring Academy would be appropriate for a beginner?
    Or do you think it may be to advanced for an 11 year old?

  2. I like this article it helps a lot especially in how to improve vertical leap but I just wondering and surprised that sit-up is included to improve vertical leap. But for me this is proven already to my cousin that barbell squat can also increase vertical leap. He stands 5’9 but He can do a 360 dunk.

    1. Their are so many muscles other than the legs that are engaged when it comes to jumping. You have to work all of them if you truely want to increase your vertical. Bookmark my site to stay updated on my latest content.

  3. These are some great tips that I have never considered before. I have an 11 year old daughter that loves basketball but she is by no means going to be playing center when she gets older so I keep telling her how important it is going to be to improve her ball handling to give her an edge. This is great stuff and now I know a little more on how to help her out.

  4. I have been working with my son on dribbling drills and I keep trying to teach him to use his fingertips, not the palms of his hands. I am going to have him read this post and reinforce that concept. The grip strengthener you recommend is a great idea as well. He is only 10, so obviously, his hands will get stronger with time. Thanks for the tips, I will check back for more!

  5. Thanks for sharing your passion and helping people like me to learn on basketball drilling. I am never good with that, i run around and collect balls more than I dribble 😉 Your article has taught me some skills and I am now more confident to showcase it in front of my friends to see how much I have improved. I will definitely save your page and will refer to it and practice often. Keep it up and I look forward to more of your article on basketball drilling. Thanks!

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