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A shooter will always have an spot on the floor, even if they are small, can’t dribble, or they can’t play defense that well. They add value to the team, and can be a crucial part of a team success.

Shooters space the floor out, enabling the play-makers to attack the gaps in the defense. If the defense sinks in, the play-makers simply just pass the ball out to the shooters to knock down the open jump-shot. So you can see why being a shooter is so important and how it can make your coach overlook other aspects of your game where you may lack.

You want to know how to be a good basketball shooter, read on below.


You Can’t Knock A Shooters Confidence

This is the most important aspect of being a good shooter. You CANNOT be a shooter without confidence, just simply impossible.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anybody else to? You must have that belief in yourself and your abilities that every shot you take, its going on. Without a doubt. If the shot doesn’t go in, your mind should automatically think “The next shot is going in for sure”.

Good shooters have no hesitation when they shoot. They don’t stop and think to them self, whether this shot is a good shot or not. Every shot a shooter takes, it’s a good shot to them. Even if it is a bad shot and they miss horribly, they know that they’ll make up for it on their next attempt. Now this doesn’t mean shoot every shot that comes your way. If your open for the shot, let it fly.

If you want to be a good basketball shooter, this how you should think and act.


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All Players Shooting Form Are Different, But The Mechanics Are The Same

A basketball shooting form is like a fingerprint, they are all different and unique in their own way. Nobody shooting form is exactly the same as someone else, they may be similar, but they have there differences.

All that matters is whether the shot goes in or not. You can have a butt ugly shooting form, but if your a knock down shooter and you can get your shot off, who cares how it looks. The name of the game is to put the ball in the hole, and no one said it has to be pretty.

For example, Reggie Miller, one of the greatest basketball shooters of all time. His shot was unorthodox, but it worked and was a crucial part of his team overall success. Now he’s known as one of the greatest basketball shooters of all time and in the NBA Hall Of Fame.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Also, If you need help with your shooting form, learn how to improve your form HERE.

High Basketball IQ Is A Major Key

You don’t have to be the biggest player on the floor or the most athletic. Having basketball IQ can make up for what you may lack. It’s cool to be able to jump high or be bigger than everyone else, but if you can out-think your opponents, you’ll always be at an advantage.

If a shooter is in the game and they notice the defense jumps at the ball when closing out, they’ll start using pump fakes and triple threat jab fakes to get the defense off-balance so that they can get there shot off. Or if the opposing team is playing a 1-3-1 zone defense, a good shooter knows that to position himself in the deep corner for the open shot.

A good basketball shooter must be able to read and react to these situations in order to be effective and help their team win. If you want to know how to improve your basketball IQ, learn how to increase your basketball IQ HERE.

Know Your Money Maker’s

You might be asking yourself “What In The Heck Is A Money Maker’s?”. What I mean by money maker’s, they are simply the spots on the basketball court where you shoot best from. You should automatically know where these spots are on the floor, and if you don’t have an clue where your spots are, you need to spend more time developing your game.

If you shoot it well from the left corner 3pt line in practice and scrimmages, you should try to get that spot as often as you can in games. Or maybe your most comfortable from shooting at the top of the key, you should be trying to get there every offensive possession. Wherever your spots may be, get there and shoot there as often as you can. This will not only increase your efficiency on the court but also grow your confidence.

More importantly though, you want to be comfortable from shooting anywhere on the court so the defense won’t be able to lock you down.

Nothing Like Good Old Fashioned Hard Work

We all know that if you want to be good at something, you have to work at it. There’s no way around it and no substitution for it.

If you want to be a good shooter, you have to continuously work hard at it. Getting extra shots up before and after practice, knowing your weaknesses and grinding at them everyday, practicing different game situations so you’ll be ready when the time comes, and so much more. Everyone wants to be good or great, but only few puts in the work to do so.

All those great shooters you seen on TV like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, etc…they all spent countless hours perfecting their craft to get where they are today. It starts now.

The Bottom Line

Shooters are made, not born. Their is a lot of time and preparation that goes into being a good shooter. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight. There are going to be times when you are in the gym and it seems like your making no progress at all. You have to push through that and keep working. The sacrifice you made will be worth it in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to be a good basketball shooter. I encourage you to share this article and leave an comment below on your thoughts about your experience or if you have any questions.

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4 thoughts on “How To Be A Good Basketball Shooter – Next Level Hoops

  1. I couldn’t agree more, a good shooter will always have a job. Kind of like a good hitter in baseball, if you can hit, they will find a spot for you. I like the picture of Reggie Miller. Talk about a guy with funky form, but man could he drain the three’s. There is one thing with all great shooters, and you hit it, practice and hard work. You hear stories of guys taking hundreds if not a thousand shots per day to practice their form. Watch out for Devin Booker, the next great shooter.

  2. I completely agree, and it applies to sport in general. Whether it is basketball, tennis, swimming or darts, it all comes down to confidence, technique, intelligence, and most importantly hard work and dedication.
    People will always say there are players who were born with talent – it doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work for it!

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