About Coach David Rashid

About Coach DavidI am ultimately passionate about developing basketball players of all ages, genders, and abilities. My relentless drive, work ethic, and expertise for the game has gained the respect of players and coaches all over the World.

Since 2003, I’ve trained hundreds of athletes who competed at the high school, college, over-seas, and professional levels. Some even made there way into coaching now.

My mission is to focus on fundamental skill development with an emphasis on pinpointing and improving weaknesses while building upon existing strengths. Great for the player who wants to lead the team in scoring, make the team, needs instructional feedback on where to make the necessary adjustments to their game, or just want to take the steps in the right direction to achieve their basketball goals.

I only care about results and improvement, and that is what I deliver. I’m dedicated to help you reach your full potential, maximize your abilities, accomplish your goals, and to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL.

If  you ever need any feedback or support regarding your game or yourself as a player. I would be more than happy to help. Simply just leave an comment below or  contact us. Make sure you visit my site regularly as I would be posting valuable content that would be beneficial to your game and put you in the best position to take your game to the next level.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck on your journey and to accomplishing your goals. Thank you for dropping by!

Best Regards,

Coach David Rashid

Owner of Next Level Hoops


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