3 Key Tips On How To Shoot Like Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson is one of the elite shooters the NBA has ever seen. Klay Thompson is a fundamentally sound shooter and a certified bucket-getter, it’s pressure defense whenever he has the ball around the arc. A defender always have to stay on their heels and know where he is on the court or he will for sure get burned.

What makes Klay Thompson so unique, is that he is not freakishly athletic or has crazy handles, he just has an high IQ for the game and knows when and where to cash out on his shots.

These important tips on how to shoot like Klay Thompson will give you an inside look on what makes Klay such a great shooter.

Tip #1

Little Or To No Dip On Shot

This means that Klay keeps the ball above his waist at all times. Soon as he catches the ball he’s going straight up with it, no bringing it down to gather himself, and no hesitation. This makes for a much faster release, especially on elite and long defenders.


 Tip #2

Hand In The Cookie Jar

Hand in the cookie jar is term coaches all over the world use to express that your follow-through should finish with Four fingers down into the rim. That’s exactly what Klay Thompson does on the follow-through of his shot. This 4 finger down gives the ball great rotation and touch as well as improved accuracy.


Tip #3

All In Line

Klay Thompson shot from his feet to the point of his release are all aligned. That means his feet, hips, shoulders, elbow, and follow-through are all in a straight line to the goal. His body stays squared to the goal and his feet goes forward a little upon landing. This provides accuracy, power, and consistency on all his shots.


Everybody is different, so things that works for Klay may not work for you. It’s you’re job to get in the gym and find out what best works for you. It doesn’t matter if your jump-shot isn’t “fundamentally correct”, just as long as it’s quick and goes in consistently, that’s hat makes you a shooter. If you have any questions about the 3 key tips on how to shoot like Klay Thompson or want to share your unique jump-shot, leave a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “3 Key Tips On How To Shoot Like Klay Thompson

  1. Hi David,
    Indeed the tips that you mentioned regarding any kid being able to shoot a basketball well, and mastered by Klay Thompson are key ingredients to that person’s development in the game.

    Many college ball players I have noticed from watching thousands of games during my lifetime on television have such poor fundamentals with their shooting form, (plus other things) which I attribute to poor coaching when the individual was young and playing AAU ball.

    So many players want to practice their dunking ability but lack the basketball IQ to understand that certain skills, such as shooting and even more importantly mastering a shot around the key – the 15 – 18 foot shot is a lost art today.

    It’s funny being an LA Lakers’ fan my entire life that I remember well Klay’s dad playing on the Lakers’ teams a few decades ago. Michael Thompson was not nearly the shooter as is his son now. Perhaps when Klay was still a kid Michael still did right by insisting that his son in insisting that he master the technique, done through hundreds of repetitions daily, regarding his shooting form.


    1. So much truth in this comment. Players and trainers today overlook the fundamentals, and just focus on their athleticism or flashy plays. Thanks

  2. Hi David,
    great 3 tips on this basketball matter I just read on your post! I’ve never been playing as a pro but have been playing in a team for a while in earlier years. This post made me remember of that one coach teaching us that phisical preparation is not all in this sport, technique training and IQ can often rule over physical training. Unfortunately I never heard of the “hand in the cookie jar” rule until now, certainly learned something new today and I thank you for it!
    Thanks for the reading.


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